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This page clarifies the convoluted names and acronymns for SAP product versions, presented chronologically and as a hierarchy of applications (apps) and modules, along with links to wikis, newsgroups, classes, and certification exams.

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Topics this page:

  • Version History
  • SAP, The Company
  • Business Process Flows
  • Modules & Apps
  • Industries
  • Your comments???

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    * SAP's Glossary,
    * SAP Developer Network

    Set screen Product Version History

      SAP started in 1972 and became successful during the 1980s with their SAP R/2 solution on large IBM/Siemens mainframes within large corporations.

      The introduction of SAP R/3 in 1992 (with the SAPGUI fat client/server architecture) made SAP AG the world's leading vendor of standard application software.
      R/3 release 3.1 in 1996 provided the first Java-enabled SAP Internet-enabled solutions. Then came 3.3.1, 3.4.0, 3.4.5, 3.4.6
      R/3 Release 4.0 was announced late 1997 with modules for Retail e-commerce.
      R/3 Release 4.5 was announced in 1998.
      R/3 Release 4.6 announced at SAPPHIRE'98 featured the
      EnjoySAP GUI (from Hartmut Esslinger's work at frogdesign) with Internet Transaction Server (ITS) developed by Ixos Software GmbH to scrape open R/3 session screens and present them as HTML to Internet browsers. 4.6 also ushered in object-based enhancements to the ABAP language.

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      In an era when "my" before a term implied an "Internet-readiness," an ability to customize an application or web site for the individual user, the e-Business Suite with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) was introduced in 1999 with Business Connector (BC) XML/HTML listener for EDI licensed from webMethods, and
      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Internet Sales using a Java Connector to communicate back to the RFC and BAPI interfaces.
      A 64-bit kernel for the R/3 System is available since then.

      Release 4.6C, April 2001 (codenamed "Mercury") improved performance and renamed SAP Basis (common middleware kernel) to the SAP Web AS (Application Server) 2003 written internally by SAP. SAP ended mainstream support for 4.6C on Dec. 2006. SAP's "5-1-4" policy forces its users to pay for not upgrading an additional 1% fee after 1 year then an additional 4% penalty per year for not upgrading.

      Release 4.7 "Enterprise Edition"
      SAP ERP 2004 and SAP Enterprise Central Component (ECC 5.0) expanded the library of predefined BAPIs (Business APIs) and RFCs for connectivity to over 1,100.

      SAP ERP 6.0   mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0) is expected to end mainstream support March 2011.

      Page on this site
      NetWeaver 7.1 includes NetWeaver ESR (Enterprise Services Repository) features new ESR, PI, and CE modules. SAP Netweaver versions

      In 2007 SAP stopped using the term "New Dimensions" and switched to "Business Suite" as the collective name of add-on components (CRM, SCM, SRM, ERP, PLM).

      Duet software enables people to interact with SAP data and processes through Microsoft Office applications.

      SAP CRM 2007 includes support for "Web 2.0" applications and the Pipeline Performance Management module to create role-based interactive tools for sales staff to improve workflow via "what if" scenarios to map potential deals against sales opportunities.

      Set screen SAP For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

      SAP has several product lines for SMB (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses).

      • Business One (B1) was purchased from former SAP executive Shai Agassi's company in Isreal, so it has a different user interface than SAP R/3. It was designed for small and startup organizations. So it covers mainly the finance, HR, CRM, and logistics areas along with some manufacturing processes, at $11,250 and up.
      • Business All-in-One is a scaled-down version mySAP Business Suite, offered by SAP partners, preconfigured with content and tools and perhaps modifications for some specific industries. So it is ready-to-use with minimum implementation time, at $250,000+
      • Business ByDesign (announced 2007) was developed (as product "A1S") by SAP R&D as a SaaS (software as a service) hosted at SAP, for $149 per user per month. It features a SOA architecture powered by NetWeaver.


    Set screen SAP AG, The Company

      "SAP" is pronounced "ess-ay-pee" (not "sap" as in tree sap) because it is an acronym of the German words "Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung,", which loosely translates to "Systems, Applications, and Products".

      Jokes about the name include:

        Software Aginst People
        Shut-up And Pay
        Start And Pray
        Slow And Painful

      Wikipedia entry on SAP AG

      SAP AG has US offices in Pennsylvania.

      SAP AG is headquarted in the SouthWestern Germany town of Walldorf (pronounced by Germans as "Velldorf"). The "AG" in "SAP AG" is the equivalent of "SAP Ltd." in the US. AG is an abbreviation of the German word "Aktiengesellshaft".

      Stocks of SAP AG is traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Since August 3, 1998, one SAP share can be purchased in US dollars as 12 ADR (American Depository Receipt) shares through Deutsche Bank Mellon under NYSE ticker symbol "SAP" [ Google | Yahoo | MSN | MarketWatch | Quote | CNN | Reuters | StreetInsider ]

      About SAP corporate colors:
      The Gold is RGB 240/171/0
      The Blue is RGB 4/53/123

      Henning Kagermann, a former professor of mathmatics and physics, is the CEO since 1998 when founder Dietmar Hopp became chairman. See him talk on YouTube

      SAP America, Inc. has its US main office in Newtown Square 20 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Bill McDermott is the CEO. See him talk on YouTube about "make every customer a best-run business" and replacing "12 of 13 direct reports" in the first 100 days after he arrived at SAP.

      Heinz Roggenkemper started SAP America in 1988 and now heads SAP Labs, SAP's R&D facility in Palo Alto.

      Until 2007 when he left to start a clean energy company, Shai Agassi led SAP's transition to Portal and Business One after SAP acquired his company in 2002 See him talk on YouTube about labs in Bangalore, Shanghai China, Sophia Bulgaria, Hungary, and Isreal.

      SDN Wiki SAP Research

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    Set screen Technologies

      another page on this site ABAP R/3, BW, XI, APO, CRM
      another page on this site Java IPC
      another page on this site J2EE Portal, JavaWD, XI, BillerDirect, CRM-ISA
      another page on this site .Net MobileClient, Duet .Net PDK
      another page on this site C/C++ TREX, ITS, Business One, MDM

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    Set screen SAP Business Process Flows

      Source to Settle (STS) processed by Vendor and Material Management modules.

      Plan to Stock (PTS) processed by manufacturing modules.

      Procure to Pay (PTP) processed by distribution modules.

      Customer to Contract (CTC) processed by CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

      The six steps in the Order to Cash (OTC) SD (Service and Distribution) process spans several departments within an organization:

      1. Market Analysis,
      2. Marketing Campaign,
      3. Customer Request,
      4. Logistics Execution (delivery, pick, pack, post goods issue),
      5. Bill, and
      6. Pay.

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    Set screen SAP Modules and Applications

      Application Categories: Financials, HR, Logistics, mySAP PLM, Business Suite, Cross-Application, Business Process Management, IS

      SAP's Product Availability Matrix

      Category Module Applications (Apps) Description and Classes Exam
      - BC (BASIS Components) accessed through SAPGUI The "middleware" that links the SAPGUI desktop client to SAP applications, the database, and the operating system. SAP120 (SAP Navigation 4 hr elearning) -
      Financials FI (Financial Accounting) AR (Accounts Receivable),
      AP (Accounts Payable),
      AA (Asset Accounting),
      GL (General Ledger),
      FM (Funds Management),
      BL (Bank-related Accounting),
      LC (Legal Consolidation)
      TFIN50 & TFIN52
      Provides a complete financial accounting solution, including income statements, balance sheets, journals, ledgers, and all areas of financial accounting.
      CO (Controlling) - Assists the controller organization in performing Profitability Analysis, Cost elements, Cost centres, Profit centres, Internal orders, Activity based costing, Product costing -
      EC (Enterprise Controlling) - Includes EC-EIS (Executive information system) EC-CS (Consolidation), EC-PCA (Profit Center Accounting) -
      AM (Asset Management) / EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) - Track, value and depreciate assets during Purchase, Sale, Depreciation, Tracking -
      TR (Treasury (Tesoreria) TR-CM (Cash Management),
      TR-CB (Cash Budget Management),
      TR-TM (Treasury Management),
      TR-LO (Loans Management),
      TR-MRM (Market Risk Management)
      Corporate banking and Cash budget management, -
      IM (capital Investment Management) - Assists finance organizations in their capital investments and tracking. -
      New GL (General Ledger) Profitcenter Accounting, Cost of Sales Accounting, Parallel set of books, Integration of controlling, Balance sheet by any dimension, Flexible data structure - -
      HR (Human Resource) PA (Personnel Administration) PA-APP Applicant Management
      PA-BEN Benefits
      PA-EMP Employee Management
      PA-INW Incentive wages
      PA-PAY Payroll
      PA-TIM Time Management
      PA-TRV Travel Expenses
      Processes Employment history, Payroll. -
      PD (Personnel planning and Development) PD-OM Organizational Management
      PD-PD Personnel development
      PD-RPL Room Reservations Planning
      PD-SCM Seminar and Convention Management
      PD-WFP Workforce Planning
      Processes Training, Career management, Succession planning. -
      Logistics and Manufacturing MM (Material Management), MRP (Materials Requirement Planning), Material Ledger MM-PUR Purchasing
      MM-IM Inventory Management
      MM-WM Warehouse Management
      MM-IV Invoice Verification
      MM-IS Information System
      MM-CBP Consumption Based Planning
      MM-EDI Electronic Data Interchange
      TSCM40 & TSCM42 (Planning / Manufacturing I&II) underpins supply chain Requisitions, Purchase orders, Goods receipts, Accounts payable, Inventory management, BOM’s, Master raw materials, finished goods, etc. -
      SD (Sales & Distribution) SD-MD Master Data
      SD-CAS Sales Support
      SD-SLS Sales
      SD-SHP Shipping
      SD-TR Transportation
      SD-BIL Billing
      SD-? Foreign Trade
      SD-SIS Sales Information System
      SD-EDI Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
      SD-GF General Sales Functions
      Tracks order to delivery, including RFQ, Sales orders, Pricing, Picking (and other warehouse processes), Packing, Shipping -
      PP/DS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling) PP-SOP Sales and Operations Planning
      PP-CRP Capacity Requirement Planning
      PP-MP Master planning
      PP-ATO Assembly orders
      PP-BD Basic data
      PP-IS Information System
      PP-KAB Kanban/Just- in- Time
      PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning
      PP-PDC Plant Data Collection
      PP-PI Production Planning for Process Industries
      PP-REM Repetitive Manufacturing
      PP-SFC Production orders
      manages production processes Capacity planning, Master production scheduling, Material requirements planning, Shop floor -
      PM (Plant Maintenance) PM-EQM Equipment and Technical Objects
      PM-IS PM Information System
      PM-PRM Preventive Maintenance
      PM-PRO Maintenance Projects
      PM-SM Service Management
      PM-WOC Maintenance Orders Management
      Trackes Labor, Material, Down time and outages -
      Service Management - - -
      LO (General Logistics) LO-AB-TC Trading Contract
      LO-BM =Batches,
      LO-ECH Engineering Change Mgmt,
      LO-EHS Environment Management,
      LO-EWB Engineering Workbench,
      LO-HU Handling Unit Management,
      LO-LIS Logistics Information System,
      LO-MAP Merchandise&Assortment Planning,
      LO-MD Logistics Basic Data,
      LO-MDS Merchandise Distribution,
      LO-PDM Product Data Management,
      LO-PR Forecast,
      LO-RIS Retail Information System,
      LO-SCI SupplyChainPlanningInterface,
      LO-SRS Retail Store,
      LO-VC Variant Configuration
      Manages logistics for companies that require large-scale deployment of goods and resources. -
      Central Functions - - -
      SDN Wiki PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) - SAP Project and Portfolio Mgmt.
      SAP Environment, Health and Safety
      SAP PLM Recipe Management
      Audit Management
      - -
      QM (Quality Management) QM-CR (General functions),
      QM-PT-RP (Control in logistics)
      PLM415 (QM in Procurement) or LO715 (QM in Procurement)
      PLM420 (QM in Discrete Manufacturing) or LO720 (QM in Discrete and Repetitive Manufacturing)
      PLM421 (QM in the Process Industry) or LO721 (QM in the Process Industry)
      Solution Consultant C_TPLM40_03

      Application Consultant C_TPLM40_05
      QM-QP (Quality Planning) PLM400 (Quality Management) or LO170 (Quality Management)
      QM-IM (Quality Inspection processing),
      QM-QC-AQC (Quality control),
      QM-IT (Test equipment management)
      PLM405 (Quality Inspections) or LO705 (Quality Inspections)
      QM-QN (Quality notifications), PLM410 (Quality Notifications) or LO710 (Quality Notifications)
      QM-CA (Quality certificates), PLM425 (QM in Sales and Distribution/Quality Certificates) or LO725 (QM in Sales and Distribution/Quality Certificates)
      PS (Project System (Proyectos) PS-CAF Payments,
      PS-CON Confirmation,
      PS-COS Costs,
      PS-CRP Resources,
      PS-DAT Dates,
      PS-DOC Documents,
      PS-IS Information System,
      PS-MAT Material,
      PS-PRG Progress,
      PS-REV Revenues and Earnings,
      PS-SIM Simulation,
      PS-ST Structures,
      PS-VER Versions
      TPLM20 (Project Management I), TPLM22 (Project Management II (Case Study)) Includes PS-APP (Project budgeting), PS-BD (Basic data), PS-EXE (Project execution/integration), PS-IS (Information system), PS-OPS (Operative structures), PS-PLN (Project planning). Variations include Make to order, Plant shut downs project, Third party billing (on the back of a project). C_TPLM22_03
      3 hour 80 ques.
      DMS (Document Management System) - - -
      Cross Applications (xApps) SDN Wiki xApp for Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence - - -
      APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) Live Cache cross-system real-time decision support - materials management and inventory planning, availability checks. -
      WF (Workflow) - - -
      SDN Wiki BW (Business Warehouse) 3.5,
      BIW (Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing), Analytics
      - - C_TBW45_04
      3 hour 80 ques.
      xPD Product Definition - -
      SAP Business Suite (formerly New Dimension) ERP 6.0 (2005) with ECC 6.0 - 10 day TERP10 (ERP - Integrated Business Processes) ADM110 (SAP ECC Installation) C_TERP10_05
      3 hr 80 q.
      SDN Wiki CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Analytics, Channel Management, Interaction Center, Field Applications, Implementation & Operation TCRM10 (CRM-Fundamentals) or SAPCRM (mySAP CRM Solution Overv.), CR100 (CRM Base Customizing), CR500 (Middleware) C_CR10_50
      2 hour 60 ques.
      Sales with mySAP CRM 2005 Opportunity Management,
      Copy Control,
      Contract Management,
      Quotation and Order Management,
      Incentive and Commission Management
      1 hour 40 ques.
      SAP Marketing Marketing Planning and Campaign Management (Marketing Planner, Product Selection, Discounts, Actions, Partner Functions, Back-End Integration,Campaign Execution), Marketing Calendar, Customer Segmentation, Product Proposals, Personalized Mail forms, Campaign Automation, External List Management, Lead Management, Marketing Analytics, Couponing C_CR600_50
      1 hour 40 ques.
      SAP Service CR700 (CRM Service) Installed Base Management and Individual Objects, Service Agreements and Contracts, Service Plans, Usage-Based Service Contracts, Service Order Management, Product Service Letter, Complaints and Returns, In-House Repair, Warranty Claims, Case Management C_CR700_50
      1 hour 40 ques.
      SDN Wiki SCM (Supply Chain Management),
      SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure,
      SAP Supply Network Collaboration,
      SAP Extended Warehouse Management
      Planning TSCM20 (Planning I), TSCM22 (Planning II), TSCM24 (Planning III (Case Study)) Application Consultant C_TSCM24_03
      Manufacturing TSCM20 (Manufacturing I), TSCM32 (Manufacturing II), TSCM34 (Manufacturing III (Case Study)) covers Order-Controlled Production with Production Orders & Process Orders, Project-Oriented Production, Repetitive Manufacturing, KANBAN Solution Consultant C_TSCM24_40
      Procurement TSCM50 & TSCM52 (Procurement I&II) 2005 C_TSCM52_05
      Order Fulfillment TSCM60, TSCM62, TSCM64 (Order Fulfillment I,II,III (Case Study)) 2004 C_TSCM64_04
      2005 C_TSCM62_05
      SDN Wiki SRM (Supplier Relationship Management),
      SAP Catalog Content Management,
      SAP SRM as Add-on for ECC
      Enterprise Buyer SRM210 / TSRM10 (SAP Enterprise Buyer Configuration) C_TSRM10_30
      1 hour 40 ques.
      Procurement TSCM50 (Procurement I), TSCM52 (Procurement II), TSCM54 (Procurement III (Case Study)) C_TSCM54_03
      NetWeaver "Business Process Management" apps SDN Wiki KMC (Knowledge Management & Collaboration) for 2004s Document management service
      Content Mnagement service
      TEP30 (Configuration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration)
      EP300 (Config.KM & Collab.),
      EP600 (Conf. of the Universal Worklist)
      3 hours 80 ques.
      SDN Wiki XI (Exchange Infrastructure), morphing to
      PI (Process Integration)
      - TBIT40 (XI foundations),
      TBIT41 (Mapping Concepts),
      TBIT42 (Adapters Concepts),
      TBIT43 (Business Process Management Concepts),
      TBIT44 (Mapping, Adapters and BPM)
      BIT400 (SAP Exchange Infrastructure),
      TBIT50 (XI Technical Implementation & Operation I),
      TBIT51 (XI Technical Implementation & Operation II)
      3 hours 80 ques.

      3 hours 80 ques.
      EP (Enterprise Portal) - SAPTEC (Fund.of the App. Plat.),
      ADM100 (SAP Web AS Admin. I),
      ADM200 (SAP Web AS Java Admin.),
      ADM102 (SAP Web AS Admin. II),
      SAPEP (SAP NW Portal Fundamentals),
      EP200 (SAP NW Portal System Administration),
      TADM10 (SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation)
      TEP10 (SAP NetWeaver Portal Implementation and Operation)
      Technology: C_TEP10_04s
      3 hours 120 ques.

      Development: C_TEP15_04
      3 hours 80 ques.
      IS (Information Systems) Management CCMS (Computing Center Mgmt System) BC-CCM-ADK Archiving Development Kit
      CCM-API Application Prog.Interfaces
      CCM-BTC Background Processing
      CCM-CNF Configuration
      CCM-HAV High Availability
      CCM-MON Monitoring
      CCM-PRN Print and Output Management
      - -
      - Master Data Management (MDM 5.5 SP04) MDM100 (Master Data Management),
      MDM101 (MDM – GDS),
      MDM300 (MDM – Print Publishing),
      MDM400 (MDM – Data Modeling)
      - C_MDMS_04
      3 hours 80 ques.
      GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) SDN Virsa,
      - - -
      CPM (Corporate Performance Mangement) From acquisition of OutlookSoft SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management) Strategy Management,
      Business Planning and Simulation (BI)
      Credit Management
      SAP Solutions for Performance Management
      Curriculum include TFIN40

      Customer Interaction Center or Call Center (CIC) or the Sales Force Automation (SFA)

      APO of Supply Chain Optimization, Planning, and Execution (SCOPE) products.

      XECO (eXtended E-selling Components)

      FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) Server (ABAP)

      SAP xApps Self Services (XSS), not Cross-Site Scripting
      SAP MSS (Manager Self Service)

      SPM (Service Parts Management) with SPP (Service Parts Planning) SP developed with Caterpiller and Ford.

      EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

      Company auditors use AIS (Audit Information System) to audit across business processes.

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    Set screen SAP For (Vertical) Industries

      Since ERP 6.0, all the 25+ industry software are delivered together, but selected via the SAP Switch Framework.

      Industry Solution for ... Notes Courses Exams
      IS-B banking, financial industries, and market risk management OCB13S FS
      IS-IS insurance companies and currency markets - FS
      IS-H hospitals and healthcare institutions - -
      IS-OIL Oil & Gas industries - IOG100, TIOG10 Processes and Org. C_TIOG10_05
      3 hour 80 q.
      IS-Media Communication and publishing industries - IMD320, 420, 500, 700
      IS-PS Administration and the public sector - IEG060, 110; IPS030
      MAP=Merchandise and Assortment Planning,
      POS-DM (Point of Sale Data Management
      F&R=Forecasting and Replenishment
      CLM=Customer Loyalty Management
      PCA=Profit Center Analysis (Khimetrics)
      Operational Assortment Planning,
      Slow Seller Management,
      Pricing Planning Workbench,
      Promotion Enhancements.
      Enterprise Portal Business Package Retail
      OE5RET, IRT10, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 370
      IS-Utilities Utilities industries - IUT
      IS-Telecom Telecommunication operators - -
      IS-Automotive Automobile manufacturing industries - IAU
      IS-Consumer Products Consumer products industries - ICP
      IS-Aerospace & Defense Air and military industries - -
      IS-Chemicals Chemical industries - -
      IS-Engineering & Construction Construction and engineering companies - -
      IS-Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical industries - -
      Higher Education Campus Management - OCM41S, IHE
      Mill Products - - WDE500

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    Set screen Business-One Applications

      SDN Wiki B1 (Business One) wiki

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