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Reload this page MS dot Net Architecture

Here are notes and comments about Microsoft's push to dominate the developement tools and web services software market.


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  • Application Development

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    Set screen The Cathedral and the Bazaar

    Set screen Dot Net Framework Components

    Set screen Version Correspondence - Visual Studio vs. EntLib vs. Platform SDK

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    Set screen Languages

    Set screen VS.NET IDE

    Set screen Common Language Specification

    Set screen CLR (Common Language Runtime)

    Set screen From COM to .NET

    Set screen Microsoft Operating Systems

    Set screen Windows Platform SDK

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    Set screen Visual Studio vs. Eclipse IDEs

      The two most popular developer development environments are Microsoft Visual Studio and open-source Eclipse.

      Versions of the Microsoft's .NET Framework and Visual Studio are paired, and can co-exist on the same machine.

      Telephone, PDA and other mobile device applications are constructed using Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

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    Set screen Base Class Library Namespaces For Import Into Source Code

    Set screen ASP.NET

      10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets By Omar Al Zabir

      ASP.NET vs. Java EJB

      ASP.NET superceded Microsoft's ASP proprietary server-side web services programming model. New features include the Windows Forms frameworkon this page.

      Microsoft has exams certifying web programmers on version 4:

      • Exam 70-519 - Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4
      • Exam 70-515 - TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
      • Exam 70-518 - Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4
      • Exam 70-511 - TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

      IIS vs. Apache Tomcat Web Server

      As of VS 2005, ASP.NET can be developed without IIS (Internet Information Service).

      In 2011, Microsoft introduced LightSwitch for easier development of business apps from either Visual Studio or a web-based interface.

      Model View Controller design paradigm, which replaced the ASP.NET model.

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    Set screen ADO.NET and XML

      Microsoft ADO.NET (Core Reference) by David Sceppa

      Microsoft certification on this:

      • Exam 70-516 - TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    Set screen XML

      Microsoft has been criticized for not being very much involved with the development of Business Transaction Protocols (BTP) by Boston-based OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) -- which maintains the -- and the United Nations CEFACT , who are trying to standardize XML tag names for all business transactions being conducted on-line.

      Let's see how long Microsoft will be part of this group or break off so they can claim proprietary patent rights.

      MS SOAP vs. IIOP vs. REST vs. JSON

      SOAP is also supported by Java and J2EE.


      Microsoft submitted the SOAP specification to W3C.

      Microsoft has the MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET credential.

      Introducing Microsoft .NET My Services by Jeannine Gailey and Christopher A. Jones

      Inside C#, Second Edition by Tom Archer

      Microsoft Visual C# (Core Reference) by Mickey Williams

      Building COM+ Applications Using Microsoft .NET Enterprise Services, Course 2557

      Application Upgrade and Interoperability Using Visual Studio .NET, Course 2571

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    Set screen Enterprise Library

    Set screen LINQ (Language-Integrated Query)

      Query Operations Usage
      select Projection limit the number of columns returned
      count, average, min, max Aggregation -
      where Filtering -
      join Grouping -
      orderby Partitioning returns input sequence as sections without rearranging the elements after Skip (excluding) or take (including) elements at specified positions or skipwhile or takewhile until an element does not satisfy a specific condition.

      LINQ, introduced in 2008, are tricks in the .NET compiler which extend C# and VB languages to access a variety of data sources (in-memory and XML structures as well as databases).

      The compiler translates SQL query-like syntax into method calls such as:

        using System.Collections;
        namespace System.Collections.Generic{
        	public interface IEnumerable<out T> : IEnumerable{
        		new IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator();
        	IEnumerable<int> numQuery2 = numbers.Where(num => num % 2 == 0).OrderBy(n => n);
        	foreach (int i in numQuery2){
        		Console.Write(i + " ");

        The <out T> is a C# 4.0 artifact.

        The <int> is a generic expression which are more general (generic) by not providing an implementation, because the data source is not known until run-time, IEnumerable<T> hides the true source of data.

        The => are lambda commands introduced with C# 3 as in-line unnamed anonymous functions executed in a delegate invocation.

        Delegates (event handlers) are used to pass methods as arguments to other methods. Delegates are used to define callback methods. For example, a reference to a method that compares two objects could be passed as an argument to a sort algorithm. Because the comparison code is in a separate procedure, the sort algorithm can be written in a more general way.

      LINQ commands are therefor program commands, not embedded SQL strings. So LINQ command input can be assisted by intellisense and errors in them can be caught at compile-time rather than at run-time when another server (the database server) resolves them. Errors in database names and datatypes are referenced as strongly typed objects.

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    Set screen WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)

    Set screen WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) with Silverlight

    Set screen .NET WinForms

      WinForms (Windows Forms) use a rich (fat) client program which installs on the client's machine to provide users a rich graphical interface.

      Winforms are encapsulated in the System.Windows.Forms namespace, which provides:

      • System.Windows.Forms.Form to manage windows.
      • System.Windows.Forms.Control base class for processing keyboard, mouse, and Windows messages.
      • System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase
      • System.Windows.Forms.TextBoxBase
      • System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl
      • System.Windows.Forms.ContainerControl to manage scroll bars.
      • System.Windows.Forms.Panel to group mutually exclusive radio buttons and other controls
      • System.Windows.Forms.UserControl to derive custom controls.

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    Set screen WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) for Web Services

      WCF functions are in namespace System.ServiceModel

      Microsoft certification

      • Exam 70-513 - TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

      See my Web Services> for in-depth description and code samples.

      WIKIPEDIA: IBM and Microsoft created the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) industry consortium to create guidelines (not standards) and tests for interoperability. It defined profiles, which as a set of named web services specifications at specific revision levels, together with a set of implementation and interoperability guidelines recommending how the specifications may be used to develop interoperable web services. It became part of OASIS.

      The life of a service InstanceContextMode enumeration PerCall (state unaware), PerSession, Single

      Service BehaviorAtttribute

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    Set screen Assets

      This describes the artifacts of an XML based system, starting from the client's point of view.


    Graphic based on Karthik Ravindran's voice presentation: Implementing and Accessing Web Services Using Visual Basic 6.0 and the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio (no longer on Microsoft's website)

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    Set screen Testing .NET

      tool .TEST integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to perform Static Analysis of finished .NET Framework classes and methods based on "Best Practices" and ".NET Framework Design Guidelines". It automatically creates unit test harnesses, stubs, and test cases for automating regression testing. It's in the same Automated Error Prevention product line of group-oriented tools as Parasoft's JTest for Java.

      Micrsoft's public .NET demo sites:

      A website external to this site retail store

      A website external to this site .NET service Fitch and Mather was written in VB and C#.

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    Set screen Resources

      For programming advice, tips, code snippets, and answers to technical questions from developers using the latest technologies? Try one of these independent Web communities:

      angryCoder e-zine, written using the Microsoft .NET Framework, where you can submit articles and download source code for a minimal donation.

      C# Corner has developers using C# and .NET meet and exchange their ideas, code, and expertise through discussion forums or submissions.

      The Code Project is a community of developers using Windows who specialize in C++, MFC, C#, and .NET. offers information, tools, and education utilizing the ASP.NET Framework.

      Visual Studio and dot Net

      International .NET Association

      User groups interested in the Microsoft .NET platform have the International .NET Association ( resource to connect with their peers and sponsors.

      INETA enables interaction among user groups interested in .NET, providing them with unique educational support. Make sure your user group is as vibrant and effective as it can be in providing .NET education-register with INETA today at

      Microsoft Partners

      These companies provided First Look seminars on Visual Studio 2012, etc. 877.876-5278 or 201.8079889, 322 US Highway 46 West, Parsippany, NJ 07054

      Premier Knowledge Solutions St. Louis, MO

      Netcom Learning NY, 212.629-7265

      tool Lutz Roeder's Reflector for .NET (formerly here before RedGate) provides a class browser for .NET components and assemblies. It features hierarchical assembly and namespace views, type and member dictionary index search, type reference search, custom attributes view, an IL disassembler and viewers for C# XML documentations and MSDN help. Assembly dependency trees, supertype/subtype hierarchies and resources can be inspected as well. Function prototypes are displayed in C#, VB and Eiffel syntax. Windows XP enabled.
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