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Here is a condensed description of SAP consultants and the SAP services ecosystem.

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      Most SAP implementations are conducted by SAP Partners rather than SAP employees.


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      Here is a list of companies who offer SAP consultants.

      Organization Summary Notes
      Accenture Big Five (Anderson) -
      Price Waterhouse Coopers Big Five -
      Delliotte & Touche Consulting Group/ICS Big Five The first to integrate SAP's BEW (Business Engineering Workbench). Uses its ThreadManager methodology for SAP.
      Bearing Point Big Five (KPMG) -
      Ernst & Young Big Five -
      Cap Gemini - -
      EDS - -
      McKensey - Grew downward from a high-end stategy consulting to IT implementation work.
      Wipro India -
      Infosys India -
      Hewlette Packard PSO - -
      ORIGIN - -
      SNI - -
      CSC Ploenzke - -
      IBM Global Services - Developed its own Ascendant methodology for SAP.
      Intellicorp - Offers its LiveModel™ graphical model of SAP business processes for the 4.7 or 5.0 SAP reference model.
      FocusFrame - Developed TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization) that extracts from SAP databases components for HP Business Process Testing. Offers "near-shore" consultants paid Mexican wages.
      Axon - is the 12th largest (1,800 staff) but is totally SAP-focused.
      Bayforce - firm founded and managed by ex-Big Five SAP consultants.

      Note: "Big Five" indicates the organization is one of the international consultancies which spun off from accounting consultancies during the 1990's. This was originally the "Big Eight" until consolidations occured.

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    Set screen SAP Groups

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