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Here is a condensed analysis of (without the sales hype) SAP R/3 Tablespaces.

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Set screen R/3 Tablespaces

    SAP requires tablespace names to have a leading "PSAP" and ending "D" or "I" (for index).

    Type Tablespace Contains Tables Size Activity
    Transaction Tablespaces PSAPBTABD Holds SAP Transaction tables holding order headers, line items, purchase orders, etc. Large Highest
    PSAPSTABD Master data and transparent tables with high write activity such as item master, customer data, pricing, etc. Largest Highest
    PSAPUSER1D Defined to hold user customization (customer tables) not defined with the SAP software. Depends Depends
    PSAPVB0101D & PSAPVB0102D - Large Very high
    BASIS Tablespaces PSAPDICTD ABAP data dictionary (usually cached in memory due to frequent reference). Small Low
    PSAPLOADD ABAP report loads and screens. - High
    PSAPSOURCEID ABAP report source code and screens. - Medium
    PSAPPROTD A heavy-use tablespace. Spool, customer, log files, reports and printouts generated by any SAP process. - Highest
    System Tablespaces PSAPPOOLD System pool tables that SAP considers too small to be in their own tables. These are generally buffered in memory, so they're accessed at SAP startup time but not heavily after that. Small Low
    PSAPCLUD Cluster tables used by SAP as subtables containing LONG RAW datatypes, which must be reorganized using Oracle's slower Export/Import utilities instead of Oracle's faster CREATE TABLE AS SELECT command. Large Medium
    PSAPDOCUD Contains codument tables, including SAPscript and SAPfind tables. Small Low
    PSAPVB0201D & PSAPVB0202D - - -

    The "Size" and "Activity" columns estimate the tablespaces where Oracle/SAP administrators typically need to run scripts (or use the display from the SAPGUI STUN/ST04 transaction ) to identify the largest and most active tables so that they don't fill and cause the entire SAP application to stop.

    See their contents using tx SE11 and SE16.

    The MiniSAP used by ABAP developers for testing and training has many empty tables after installation.

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