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  As a Project Manager:

  1. First, I ask pointed questions to clearly define the deliverables and measurable goals. I'll calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and NPV if needed.

  2. Then we pick out milestones and break the project down into phases so others could easily follow where we're headed. These and our other tools ensure cooperation from others right from the beginning of the project.

  3. I have special techniques to figure out how to keep various stakeholders satisfied and informed. This may involve an opinion survey .

  4. We then map out realistic schedules by anticipating and preventing problems -- where people might have to wait. We explore where tasks need to be delegated. We'll end up knowing exactly when to ask questions and when workers should be left alone.

  5. I coach people on what to say in presenting the plan — down to word-by-word scripts if necessary. My meeting agendas define thorough, yet quick sessions.

  6. I am experienced at creating visuals that make you shine -- simple charts using Microsoft Powerpoint or a notebook of plans generated by Microsoft Project, ABT Project Workbench, or other software.

  7. Once we have a plan, I'll keep the plan up to date. Answer a few questions and you'll get updated project graphics on your web browser, fax machine, email box, or (with some setup) even a printer of your choice.

  8. I can get status from all project participants. I'll even chase you down or call you at night -- whatever is needed to avoid missing embarassing deadlines.

  9. Lastly, I can train people to manage themselves using these tools.

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