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Here is a list of OS core and application services that NetWeaver starts automatically or manually.

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SAP Netweaver Services


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    Set screen Summary

    • Root Cause Analysis > Configuration > Java Properties > Details: Services, which lists Startup Mode (manual, always, core).
    • Root Cause Analysis > Availability > Java: Systems > Details: Services, which lists the current Status (Running, Stopped, ).

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    Set screen
      CUL always
      MigrationService always
      UT always
      adminadapter core
      appclient always
      applocking always
      apptracing always
      basicadmin core
      bi~mmr~deployer always
      caf~runtime~connectivity~impl always
      bi~mmr~deployer always
      caf~runtime~connectivity~impl always
      caf~um~metadata~imp always
      caf~um~relgroups~imp always
      classload always
      classpath_resolver always
      com.adobe~DataManagerService always
      com.adobe~DocumentServicesBinaries2 always
      com.adobe~DocumentServicesConfiguration always
      com.adobe~DocumentServicesDestProtoService always
      com.adobe~DocumentServicesLicenseSupportService always
      com.adobe~FontManagerService always
      com.adobe~LicenseService always
      com.adobe~PDFManipulation always
      com.adobe~TrustManagerService always
      com.adobe~XMLFormService always core
      configuration always
      connector core
      cross core
      dbpool core
      deploy core
      dsr always
      ejb always
      failover always
      file core
      http always
      iiop always
      javamail always
      jms_provider always
      jmsconnector always
      jmx core
      jmx_notification core
      keystore always
      leakdetector manual
      licensing always
      locking always
      log_configurator core
      memory core
      monitor always
      msp manual
      naming core
      p4 core
      pmi always
      r3startup manual
      rfcengine always
      runtimeinfo core
      security core
      servlet_jsp always
      shell always
      sld always
      ssl always
      tc.monitoring.logviewer always
      tc~di~sdic~srv always
      tc~eCATTPing~service always
      tc~lm~ctc~confs~service_sda always
      tc~sec~certrevoc~service always
      tc~sec~destinations~service always
      tc~sec~saml~service manual
      tc~sec~securestorage~service always
      tc~sec~vsi~service always
      tc~sec~wssec~service always
      tc~smd~server~service always
      telnet always
      timeout core
      trex.service always
      ts always
      userstore core
      webdynpro always
      webservices always

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