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Here is a compact yet deep technical explanation about how Windows 8 fits with prior versions and other Microsoft products and competitors.

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Set screen Heavy Lifting: How Version Components Relate to Each Other

Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Phone XBox 360 Windows 8 Pro WinRT Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 7 Windows 8 App Store Microsoft Phone Store MS Store Modern/Metro Windows UI Windows JavaScript No Hybrid Apps Desktop executables No Desktop Executables on WinRT C# XAML Development C# XAML SDK Upgrade C++ DirectX Development XNA Development Intel Qualcomm ARM Nvidia
Pop-up this diagram to its own window

Set screen Metro UI Above, Changes Below

Metro Design in W8 Usage Basics

VIDEO: What's New for Live Tiles, and Custom Notifications in Windows Phone 8

BTW, Windows 7 had Microsft's Segoe fonts built-in.

Set screen Windows Phone 8 Devices an Improvement

Set screen Windows 8 App Store for the Same Kernel

Windows 7 development is based on the System.Windows namespaces used in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications,

Set screen Same Windows Phone Store, but Different OS Kernel

Tools for developing WP7 and WP8

Differences in WP7 Quirks Mode in WP8

Set screen Windows Phone 7 Devices at a Dead End

WIKIPEDIA: Windows Phone 7 and 8

Set screen WinJS for Windows Store Apps Only, not Windows Phones

Set screen XAML (Silverlight) Base to Code for Both Windows Phone 7 and 8

Set screen Microsoft Store

Set screen XBox versions

Set screen Related Topics

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