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Here is a compact yet deep technical exploration of how to use Windows 8 Metro end-user interface (introduced by Windows Phone 7).

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Set screen UX: Touch or Mouse or Keyboard

Set screen Landing/Splash Screen

Set screen Lock Screen

VIDEO: The Story of Windows 8 at UX Week San Francisco August 2012 by Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for the User Experience team, covers many of the concepts from his blog post "Creating the Windows 8 user experience" -- explains the history how Microsoft developed Windows 8, which began in mid 2009 (before the iPad).

Set screen Start Screen Tour

Set screen Live Tiles

Set screen Start Screen Tile Customization

Set screen Metro (Modern) UI Flat Design in Apps

Among UI designers of Microsoft Zune, Microsoft Media Center, Xbox, and Windows Phone, Jeff Fong is named among the 100 most creative people in 2012 by Fast Company.

Set screen System Charms

Set screen Desktop Classic Shell

Set screen User Setup

Set screen Metro on Windows 7

Set screen Sleep

Set screen Application Settings Flyout

Set screen Ratings UI Control

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