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Reload this page Windows 8 UI Programming

Here is a compact yet deep technical examination of programming Windows 8 user interfaces to the new Metro end-user interface introduced by Windows Phone 7.

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Set screen App Icon

Set screen Initial Splash Screen

Set screen Back Button

Set screen Initial View from Default Task

Set screen WP7 App Bar Icons

Set screen Win8 App Bar Localized

Set screen Windows 8 Glyphs Icons Built-in

Set screen Page Navigation

Set screen Menu Switching Groups

Set screen App Search Contract

DO THIS: Per this:

  1. Ctrl + Shift A or Project > Add > Add New Item ... > Search Contract generates in js folder searchResults.js and searchResults.css.
  2. Edit default.html to add link to the searchResults.js file:

    <script src="/js/searchResults.js"></script>

  3. Associate with activation next.

Set screen System Charm Search Contracts

Set screen Achieving Metro CSS Guidelines by View State

Set screen Snapped View State

Set screen CSS for Group Layout

Set screen Detail Page Layout


Set screen CSS for Detail Layout

Set screen CSS Layout Analysis

Set screen Grid App UI Customizations

Set screen Hash Images

Set screen Images Folder

Set screen Auto Image Scaling

Set screen List View

Set screen WinRT App I/O

Set screen On-device storage

Set screen External Resource in Frame

Set screen Printers and Projectors

Set screen Fonts

The Segoe fonts were built into Windows since Vista and Windows 7.

Set screen Animations

Set screen Sounds

Set screen GUI Controls

Set screen Fixed Layout ViewBox

Set screen Grid Layout Page Control

Set screen Tap and Send

Set screen Toast Notifications

Set screen Save to SkyDrive

Set screen Calendars

Set screen Messenger

Set screen Flip View Control

Set screen Wireframes and Templates

Set screen Wireframe Templates

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