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Here is a catalog of functional requirements (features) -- the branching logic and user preferences that is the smartness in mobile smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhones, iPads, etc.), with emphasis on enterprise apps, all in one page with clickable flowcharts, wise tips, but without the sales hype and confusing generalities. Topics are presented in UX sequence, based on a meticulous analysis of user comments in app markets and years of experience building applications.

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First Topic

Set screen UX Design Features Management

Set screen 1. Installation and Permissions

Set screen 2. Landing Page Upon Launch

Set screen 3. Login to Account

Set screen 4. Registration

Set screen 5. Navigation Menus/Maps

Set screen 6. User Preferences Settings

Set screen 7. Sync/Backup/Restore/Transfer

Set screen 8. Exit/Logoff/Logout

Set screen 9. Toasts and Notifications

Set screen 10. History

Set screen 11. Reading Text

Set screen 12. Side Notes

Set screen 13. Downloads

Set screen 14. Search

Set screen 15. Buy and Spend

Set screen 16. Help/Tutorial

Set screen 17. Rate This App

Set screen 18. Transitions

Set screen 19. Sharing

Set screen API Demo