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Here is a compact yet deep technical step-by-step guide to how to code and test hardware sensors on Android mobile smartphones and tablets, all in one page with clickable flowcharts, wise tips, but without the sales hype and confusing generalities. The page aims to succinctly integrate material from books, websites, videos, etc. as a one-stop resource for programmers. Code and keyboard shortcuts are noted in context.

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Set screen System Service Components

Set screen Service Components

Set screen Telnet

Networking tutorial by Lars Vogel

Carrier Developer Programs

AT&T Developer Program

Sprint Developer Program

T-Mobile Developer Program

Verizon Developer Program

Manufacturer Programs


Barnes and Noble Nook
Developer Program

Blackberry Developer Program

Qualcomm Snapdragon chip
Developer Program


Cisco Cius



HTC DevCenter


Panasonic ToughBook Tablet

Samsung DevCenter

Set screen Structural Testing

Set screen Phone Gap

Set screen Phone Telephony Service Programming

Set screen Wi-Fi services

Set screen Bluetooth

Set screen Resource and Activity Manager: Avoid Blocking for Performance

Set screen Audio and Video Management

Set screen Camera

SensorManager Android Doc.

Set screen Accelerometer and Other Sensors

Set screen GPS Location Manager

Set screen Notification Manager