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Here is a compact yet thorough catalog of apps for enterprise type users of Google Android mobile smartphones and tablets, all in one page with clickable flowcharts, wise tips, but without the sales hype and confusing generalities.

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    Set screen About Enterprise Apps

    BOOK: ISBN:9781430230007
    Android for Work:
    Productivity for Professionals
    (Apress, 2010, 309 pages)
    by Marziah Karch

    Set screen Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics

    Set screen ERP System Access

    Set screen Enterprise Email

    Set screen Notes and Document Editing

    Set screen Project Management

    Set screen Task and Time Management - Personal Productivity: Tracking Task Managers (Automatic Sync)

    Set screen Investments

    Set screen Contacts CRM

    Set screen Social Networking

    Set screen GPS and Travel Apps

    Set screen Weather

    Set screen Personal Finance

    Set screen Shopping

    Set screen Health, Fitness, Medical

    Set screen Education/Training

    Set screen News Readers

    Set screen eBook Readers: Alternative Markets, File Format Conversion, USB (a Use Case Study)

    Set screen Voice Output (one Accessibility Feature)

    Set screen Photo Apps

    Set screen Video Watching Apps

    Set screen Movie Watching Apps

    Set screen Music Apps