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Permalink Android Rooting and Rooted Apps

Here is a compact yet deep technical step-by-step guide on how to root Google Android mobile smartphones and tablets, all in one page with clickable flowcharts, wise tips, but without the sales hype and confusing generalities. Topics are presented in a sequence determined from a meticulous analysis of what needs to be learned first.

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Set screen Why Root? Access to Root Folders

Custom APK System folder SuperUser.APK Fastboot ADB SuperOneClick
Pop-up this diagram to its own window

Set screen Device Locks">

Set screen Rooting Mechanims

Set screen Why Root? Capabilities After Rooting

Set screen The Trouble with Rooting - an Analogy

Set screen Wireless Carrier Anti-Rooting

Set screen Is There a Better Way?

Set screen Exploit Developers' Sites

Exploits are defined in these websites:
WEBSITE: XDA Developers.
WEBSITE: SDX Developers.
WEBSITE: Lifehacker's guide
WEBSITE: Pwnies are awards
given during Black Hat
conferences to those who
identified the best
exploits...and lame vendors.
[sic] provides advice for
each phone model/brand.
ARTICLE: Gingerbrew and
ARTICLE: SuperOneClick.

Set screen Rooting Just for Testing?

Set screen fastboot oem unlock

Set screen Rooting HTC Phones

Set screen Rooting Samsung Phones Option 1 with SuperOneClick

For the most popular devices:
TOOL: Samsung Galaxy S2 4G
TOOL: Samsung Infuse 4G
TOOL: Samsung Tablet

Set screen Android OS

Set screen Making Use of Exploits

(such as "rage against the cage")

Set screen Linux ROM, PIT, Backups

Set screen Rooting Samsung Phones Option 2 with Odin

Set screen Telnet Connect

Set screen Stock ROM (Read Only Memory) Packages

Set screen Custom ROM (Read Only Memory) Packages

Set screen Adding Back Google Android Apps

Set screen Entering Recovery Mode

Set screen Recovery Menu

Set screen Full Backup

Set screen Commanding Phone via Terminal Access

Set screen Make GPS Work Better

Set screen Redefine Symlink Location to Download Apps Larger Than 5 MB

Set screen Remove Stock (Default) Apps

Set screen Detecting and Removing CarrierIQ

Set screen Tethering

Set screen Networking Tweaks

Set screen Home Screen Changes

Set screen Theme Files

Set screen Other Apps for Rooted Phones

Set screen MSL Codes

Unlock GSM phone

This page summarizes Brian's page and
Sprint MSL code list

Set screen Device Hard Reset