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Here is a compact yet deep technical step-by-step guide to how to begin to program and test iPhone, Android mobile smartphones and tablets, all in one page with clickable flowcharts, wise tips, but without the sales hype and confusing generalities.

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Set screen Factors to Evaluate MEAPs

Set screen Which One?


    A poll of 500+ Infoq readers (last I checked on 1 June 2013) resulted in this rating of cross-platform mobile tools.

    The pattern of ratings has a relationship between being adoption ready and importance in the marketplace.

    JQuery Mobile with PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) seems to be the most popular.

Set screen Development Platform Options

Set screen Apple

Set screen Java SE for Android Dalvik VM

Set screen C NDK

Set screen C\C++ on MoSync

Set screen S4LA On-Device Scripting

Set screen Pyxis IDE with Lua

Set screen Web IDEs

Set screen Ruby with RhoMobile

Set screen Sencha Touch Using ExtJS and PhoneGap

Set screen Appcelerator

Set screen JavaScript on PhoneGap

YouTube video PhoneGap Ecosystem 1, 2

Mailing List / Google Group,
API Docs,
Github code

BOOK: ISBN-10: 143022620X
ISBN-13: 978-1430226208
Beginning Smartphone Web Development:
Building JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and
Ajax-Based Applications
for iPhone, Android, Palm Pre,
BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia S60,
(Apress; January 13, 2010)

by Gail Rohn Frederick
and Rajesh Lal

Set screen Worklight

Set screen Adobe AIR

Set screen Microsoft Mono

Set screen Basic4Android IDE

Set screen SAP Sybase

Set screen Syclo Agentry

Set screen Magic Software IDE/MDM

Set screen Antenna (Dexterra)

Set screen Click Software

Set screen Kony

Set screen Spring Wireless

Set screen Verivo

Set screen Corona

Set screen RunRev LiveCode