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Here are my notes on developing useful computer systems. Let me know what you find helpful or missing.

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  • Attributes of Good Apps
  • Development Environnments
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    Set screen Attributes of Good Apps

    1. Fast
    2. Accessible — Easy to setup and install solutions such as contact tracking, order processing, and sales force automation which use server-side programs which provide services such as database and connectivity.
    3. Open and Portable: Can run their programs on all the major platforms (Windows 95, NT, Sun & HP UNIX, AS/400, even IBM MVS mainframes) without having to change code.
    4. Fault Tolerant (resilient) — able to recover.
    5. Available — works all the time (24x7)
    6. Reliable — no bugs
    7. Consistent — works the same way.
    8. Scalable — as more people use it -- like around the Christmas shopping season.
    9. Secureanother page on this site — no security holes.
    10. Customizable — Content presented are customized to what was requested at that moment (not just a user's "profile" from a stored cookie).


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    Set screen Cross-Reference of Competing Technologies

      Functionality Sun MS Before .NET MS.NET

      Client Interface

      Winsock ROPE Proxy

      Wire Protocol


      Payload Format

      RPC on a special port (blocked by some fire walls) XMLanother page on this site goes thru standard port 80 thru firewalls

      Server Service

      ... ... BizTalk

      Server Request

      ... DCOM Service Description Language for COM.


      ... MTS SOAP ROPE.DLL ASP_Listener\Listener.asp
      or ISAPI for C++


      IIOP over RPC Stateless HTTP Stateless HTTP & XML

      Business Transaction Protocol

      EDI, XAML, BEA-OASIS ebXML, RosettaNet MSMQ ?


      ... Faster: In memory IE5 Slower: Loaded every time

      Development Environment

      JavaCafe, Allaire's JRun, etc. Visual Studio 6 Visual Studio.NET

      Development Language

      CGI, Perl, Java Visual Basic &
      Visual C++
      C#, etc.

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    Set screen Application Development Environments

    • Microsoft's Visual Studio v6 suite of development tools includes Visual Basic, Visual J++, and Visual C++ (if you want to mess with pointers and memory management).

    • IBM offers VisualAge for Java and CBConnector
    • IBM's San Francisco Project is defining comprehensive data models based on Java.

    • Symantec's Visual Cafe for Java features an incremental debugger and visual programming.
    • Borland's JBuilder ( Sybex's No Experience Book)
    • Sybase PowerJ Enterprise
    • Progress has the Aptivity Java database system. Pre-sales Support: (800) 477-6473 ext. 4900 Sales: (800) 477-6473 ext. 4700.

    • Net Dynamics version 3
    • WebObjects and OPENSTEP from Steve Job's Next (now owned by Apple)
    • Sapphire/Web from Bluestone
    • Cold Fusion 3.1 from Allaire ( Get their free eval)
    • Silver Stream is a pure Java development system, built by former Powersoft people. It's "client/server meets Internet content." Partners with NexGen SI of Irvine. Costs $100 per seat.
    • Active-X thin client on Solaris/NT
    • The Ambrosia Event Management System provides real-time event notification, multiple levels of security, guaranteed delivery, and transaction support.
    • Report generation tools ReportMill and Business Objects.
    • WebGain
    • J2EE server vendors BEA< IONA, ATG, iPlanet.

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    Set screen Developer Communities

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