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Reload this page Performance Testing Adobe Flash Apps

Notes on Adobe (formerly Adobe)'s Flash and Flex software to create animated interactive web sites that load slowly but work quickly.

Take the Brainbench certification test on Flash 4 and Flash 5.


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    Set screen Why Flash?

      Animated gifs are simply several image files shown in quick succession. Pixels which don't change from one image to another do not change because they are repeated in every file.

      Flash loads quicker than animated gifs because Flash doesn't repeat pixels.

      Flash can display colors beyond the 265 color limit of gif files.

      Examples of what you can do: Sound effects, Bouncing ball

      How is Flash different than Shockwave?

      How is Flash different than Flex?

      Competitors include OpenLaszlo, the first opensource RIA (Rich Internet Application).


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    Set screen Components of Flash

      Web pages (html files) containing Flash use JavaScript to detect the browser, ensure the correct version of the Flash plug-in is installed.

      Most Flash sites use a JavaScript library to detect the Flash version installed and nags the user to upgrade.

      For the small percentaage of users who have JavaScript turned off but ActiveX turned on, between <noscript> and </noscript> tags is this object:

        <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="665" height="385" id="VideoShowcase" align="middle">
        <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />
        <param name="allowFullScreen" value="false" />
        <param name="movie" value="MyVideoShowcase.swf" />
        <param name="quality" value="high" />
        <param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff" />
        <embed src="MyVideoShowcase.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="665" height="385"
        name="MyVideoShowcase" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" allowFullScreen="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
        pluginspage="" />

      <object> tags are standards compliant but not Microsoft-compliant (because of the <embed> recognized by IE)

      Users who have JavaScript disabled will need to click to activate content in the updated IE browser when they visit a page with code similar to the above.

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    Set screen External JavaScript for Browser Detection

      In this script, the if statement ensures that the JavaScript library was properly loaded to make the function available.

      If the library was not downloaded to the client properly, instead of an ugly JavaScript error, the script issues an alert.

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    Set screen Workspace Navigation

      It can be intimidating to see the Flash workspace anew. It doesn't help that help appears in another sliver of a panel instead of a floating window.

      Minimize a panel by clicking the title.
      Expand a panel by moving your mouse over the "grip" icon to the left of the Help panel name and drag it to the center of the workspace.
      Undock a panel by clicking the upper left corner of the panel's Title bar, then drag the panel to another location in the work area.
      Resize an undocked panel by dragging the lower right edge out to enlarge the panel.

      The Flash screen is divided into several panes:

      • Toolbar on the left
      • Timeline for keyframes on each layer
      • Stage containing objects and symbols

      The menu bar: File Edit View Insert Modify Text Commands Control Window Help

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    Set screen Operations

      Open Courseware - Flash class at Utaw State U.

      Bruce Hamilton's tutorial demonstrates Tweening by converting

      1. Click an item on the toolbar.
      2. Create the object on the stage.
      3. On the toolbar, Click on the symbol button
      4. Insert> Convert into Symbol (Press F8) for repetitive use
      5. F6 insert keyframe
      6. F12 publish

      Designs By

      Flashbang 4

      Flash Exchange and Dreamweaver Exchange

      To embed flash movies in a webpage using a standards-compliant HTML coding, Drew McLellan in 2002 wrote Flash "satay": Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards

      He observes that the GUID used in the classid attribute was specific to each browser’s ActiveX configuration, so it can be replaced with type="application/x-shockwave-flash".

      IE/Windows doesn’t stream the movie, but waits for the whole movie to download before playing it. So, he creates a small container movie in the first frame loads the real movie the user should see.

      Convert movies from MPG to SWF with Riva.

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    Set screen Invoking: SWFObject

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    Set screen Testing

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    Set screen Resources - Tutorials

      tool Adobe Labs provides public alphas of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flex Builder, part of the Adobe Flex Eclipse-based IDE., the digital counterpart of a print magazine, features news, product reviews, and extensive tutorials that cover all sorts of digital design programs, including a plethora of learning tools for Flash. has tutorials, user forums, downloadable FLA files, articles, games, and cartoons, all wrapped up in an incredibly cool interface. has tutorials on almost practically any Web design subject, including JavaScript and Flash. Download tts archive of FLA files to see how each effect was created.

      Ellen Finklestein, a fellow For Dummies author, offers Flash tutorials on easier drawing methods, changing the pace of tweened animation, creating hyperlinked text, and sculpting shapes. contains tutorials for using this powerful desktop application for creating good-liking 3-D Flash animations. orders its tutorials for beginner, intermediate, to advanced scripters. by Helen Triolo features up-to-date tutorials on ActionScript syntax, code snippets, sound files, and sources, as well as a myriad of other invaluable online resources. offers Flash information and tutorials. There is also a section devoted to Flash extensions. has lots of Flash information, including tutorials and links to cool Flash broadband sites. xis chock-full of tutorials for ActionScript and Swift3D, including tutorials that show you how to create mouse trails, arrays, drag-and-drop movie clips, and dynamic text, as well as how to control a movie clip with a slider. This is an excellent and well-respected source for free Flash tutorials. has great Flash tutorials and sounds for your Flash movies. by web design rock-star Lynda is packed with Flash tips, downloads, links, and techniques, as well as many free resources, including articles about color, inspirational Web sites, tips, and resource links. features tutorials, extensions, Flash source files, and sounds, as well as demos and forums. has answers to technical questions and Flash examples from the mundane to the obscure. In addition, you'll find helpful ActionScript tutorials on this site.

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    Set screen PowerPoint To/From Flash

      Powerpoint files require a special program to read and edit. So convert PPT to Flash .swt files which internet browsers can read -- immediately thanks to Flash streaming technology. Flash files are compressed, so they are =smaller than PPT files. This scrambling also protects individual elements of the presentation from being pirated.

      tool The OpenOffice freeware Powerpoint editor can save a powerpoint file as a flash file. But it doesn't export transitions nor animations, so there's not much point in converting, if you pardon the pun.

      tool AJSoft's free PPT2SWT

      Idea Using a converter enables one to avoid having to learn Flash Actionscript programming, especially if you are already comfortable with Powerpoint.

      However, there are several content development features Flash has over Powerpoint.

      To bridge the features gap, the $198 (XP/2002 and 2003) PowerPoint menu add-in from knowledgedirectweb enables you to insert interactive quizzes and games as "learning objects". It also has a PPT2Flash utility.

      tool $100 PowerPointForce (introduced 2006) both converts both PowerPoint and Word to WebCT LMS and SCORM as well as Flash.

      Converters need to export vector images and graphics so that they are kept in their intended size and shape when imported into Flash.

      Some converters create a separate SWF file for each Powerpoint slide rather than all slides in one SWF file.

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    Set screen Remoting

      AMF (Action Message Format) a Adobe proprietary protocol that allows Flash Remoting binary data to be exchanged between a Flash application and an application server over HTTP.

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    Set screen Houses

      Houses of Flash creativity:

      Ted Pedowski

      AIR (previously code named Mercury and then Apollo)

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