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Permalink JMX (Java Management Extensions)

Here is a concise bottom-up description of JMX without the sales hype. In one page are practical advice, links, and examples.


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Managing Java Applications Using JMX API (SkillSoft Press, 2003)

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  1. Mbeans (at the Instrumentation level) collect information in manageable units.
  2. A registry of MBeans is maintained at the Agent level where an MBean server (examples/BaseAgent/) runs within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The MBean server provide a communications link between MBeans and the remote management applications that reside on the management client. Standard agent services include a timer scheduler and event-notifier service, Mbean attribute monitoring service, m-let dynamic loading service, and relation service to maintain relationships among MBeans. All these are implemented as MBeans.
  3. At the Manager level, connectors are used by the MBean Server to communicate with a systems management application that runs on a management client. Protocol adapters for HTML, XML, etc. are used to communicate with web browsers and other clients.

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