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RSS (Rarely Simple Syndication ;)

Here is a concise description of how to read and create RSS feeds.


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    Set this at top of window. RSS Readers

      Unlike traditional links on web pages which lead to formatted pages, links behind RSS feed icons contain code meant to be read by computer programs because their format is XML, not HTML.

      There are two basic technologies to view RSS feeds:

      1. web sites format RSS feeds. They provide icons such as those on bottom of this page so you can click to subscribe.

        Google Reader dominated this offering until it was killed by Google in 2013.

      2. client software you download to your laptop enable you to drag and drop RSS feed icons from Windows Explorer.

          BlogBridge is a blog, feed and RSS aggregator for "info-junkies" who subscribe to hundreds of feeds (blogs, data feeds, news feeds). This free open-source java client works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

          RSSOwl lets you gather, organize, update, and store information from any compliant source in a convenient, easy to use interface. Use it to save selected information in various formats for offline viewing and sharing.


          Others: FeedDemon NetNewsWire NewsFire NewsGator Outlook Edition Shrook Universal Subscription Mechanism (USM),

          To replace Google Reader: Newsblur, Feedly, Net News Wire, Taptu, Google Currents, Flipboard

      The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School


    Set this at top of window. Feed Icons

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    Set this at top of window. Why so many RSS Formats?

      There are several formats to XML files that are collectively called "RSS Feeds".

      RSS feeds are in XML plain text file.

      • RSS 0.90 was designed by Netscape to build portals of headlines from mainstream news sites.
      • <rss version="0.91"> is simpler. Made popular by UserLand Software, which wanted it for weblogging products and other web-based writing software.
      • RSS 1.0 was developed based on RSS 0.90 by a non-commercial RSS-DEV Working Group for use with RDF-based apps.
      • RSS 2.0 is UserLand's refinement of RSS 0.91.
      • OCS
      • OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is considered a "minor" markup language originally developed by Radio UserLand as a native file format for an outliner application, Validator for Pluck:
        • OPML 1.0 cannot store hierarchical data because of its use of XML attributes.
        • OPML 2.0
      • Atom 0.3
      • Atom 1.0
      • Google's Sitemap Protocol contains tells Google the changefreq and priority of each page (loc) relative to other URLs on a site.
      • OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)

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    Set this at top of window. XML Safe Contents

      ISO-8859-1 encoding.

      All & charcters need to be replaced with &amp;

      &quot; for double quotes

      &apos; for single quote apostraphes

      &LT; for "less than" symbol <

      &GT; for "greater than" symbol >

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    Set this at top of window. RSS Aggregators and Syndicators

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    Set this at top of window. Sample XML Rendering

      Here is an example of XML being displayed using Java applet

      Performance and Capacity Engineering Weblog Notes on performance engineering for load testers and capacity managers. en-us Copyright 2006 Wilson Mar. All Rights Reserved. Performance Testing Notes Here are my notes on how to conduct performance testing and capacity planning. . Sections include Information Flows & Roles, Roles in a Performance Project, Performance Within Development LifeCycles, The Context of Performance (Technology Layers), Forms/Types of Performance Testing, Load Testing Products, Capacity/Performance Mgmt. Workflow Wilson Mar 2004-11-06 Corporate Quality Management and Metrics Quality Management is more than just testing (a Quality Control activity). This describes the difference. More sophisticated Quality Management coincides with an organization's maturity and capability. Wilson Mar 2003-10-06 Load Testing Products This page lists, describes, and compares software products for conducting load, stress, and performance testing. Wilson Mar 2005-12-09 Mercury Diagnostics Here is a strategy to use Mercury LoadRunner with Diagnostics, with graphic-supported explanations of the difference between diagnostics and production monitoring Business Availability products. Wilson Mar 2006-01-03 Mercury Loadrunner product usage at http://www.LoadRunner.Info Here are my notes on using LoadRunner for performance testing. Topics include: Installation & Configuration, Monitors, Product Versions, VuGen Recording, Controller Scenarios, Protocols, Trans. Response Times, Measurement Calcs, Measures of Variation, Analysis Module. The page features a stopwatch you can start and stop... for those times when you don't need a million-dollar piece of software. Wilson Mar 2004-11-09 Mercury LoadRunner Vu Scripting at How to write vu C scripts used in performance tesing with LoadRunner. Wilson Mar 2005-10-23 Mercury LoadRunner Error Database Viewer Here is a totally stand-alone ASP classic script you can drop onto your IIS or PWS server to view summary and detail error messages generated by LoadRunner. The ASP application uses several advanced ASP tricks: cookies, ADO paging, etc. Wilson Mar 2004-11-09 Mercury LoadRunner Analysis Statistics and Graphs This page explains the sample Summary Report generated by LoadRunner and then, more importantly, explain how to make use of them to make decisions. Wilson Mar 2005-05-19 Mercury Virtual Table Server for LoadRunner Here are tips and tricks to install and use the Virtual Table Server (VTS) program which maintains a virtual (in-memory) database for use by LoadRunner and Winrunner. Wilson Mar 2004-11-19 Performance Monitors This is my concise reference on analyzing and tuning Microsoft Windows 2000 and Linux servers using counters and other tools for performance testing and tuning. Sections include Windows Monitoring, Unix Monitoring, Measured Objects, Log Analysis, Instrumentation Profiling Wilson Mar 2004-11-09 Performance Tuning Ideas This is my concise reference on the business of tuning (tweaking) servers and applications. Topics include: Tuning Windows, Tuning Linux, Tuning Web Servers, Tuning Java pps Wilson Mar 2005-11-01 Load Balancing Servers This page describes the different approaches to balancing load: Microsoft's Network Load Balancing services and load balancing products. Wilson Mar 2005-06-09 Java Virtual Machine Performance Tuning This page describes how to tune Sun & IBM Java VM garbage collection for optimum performance and longevity as it frees dynamically allocated memory that is no longer referenced. Topics include: Verbosity Flags. Total Heap Size. From Young to Old Permanent Generation, Concurrency Footprint Wilson Mar 2004-11-09 LoadRunner Scripts Generated from Spreadsheets This page describes an Excel spreadsheet with VBA macros that generates LoadRunner VuGen C script to perform load testing Wilson Mar 2005-10-27 LoadRunner Load Run Results Explorer This page describes a C# .NET client-side program that scans and opens several drives and folders at a time to display in table form information about load test runs created by LoadRunner during performance testing. Wilson Mar 2005-02-12

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    Set this at top of window. Blog Stars

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    Set screen Creating Feeds

      Feeds are created automatically by popular blogging platforms or publishing tools like TypePad, Wordpress, or Blogger,

      FeedBurner helps publishers avoid the RSS/ATOM quandary with its SmartFeed service, which makes any feed format readable on any subscriber device. However, their use limits what can be sent to subscribers.

      Aweber or MailChimp allow for newsletter delivery options.

      What Is RSS?

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