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This cross-references the name and codes for the most used characters and symbols.

Numeric entity references between 128 and 159 is not in the ASCII/ISO 8859-1 "Latin-1" character set and may not display correctly. Used instead are the Character Entity Set defined by ISO Standard 8879:1986/ENTITIES and the 926 characters from the Minimum European Subset of ISO/IEC 10646-1

Javascript feature Key in one character:
Decimal: Hex: Binary: Unicode:


On the use of some MS Windows characters in HTML by Jukka Korpela. ASCII codes from its inventor, Jim Price
webpage article History of Char. Codes
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Alan Wood's HTML4 framed list
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ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI!

Reminder The lower 256 characters of Unicode are the same as the 256 characters of Latin-1.

Align this to the top of the window. Do this! Click a button below to sort on that field: This uses Javascript feature client-side data binding, one of the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) features of Microsoft's IE4+, so they do not work on Netscape or other browsers.



    Sorting by Octal code is the default sort sequence upon start-up. Dots sort under the alphabet because they have hex value B7, created by holding down Alt and pressing 183 on the numeric keys at the right side of the keyboard.

    Entity Code names are case sensitive ("ETH" and "eth" are two different characters).

    In PHP, to convert a character in $value to an HTML Entity code:

      $line .= '"' . htmlspecialchars($value,ENT_COMPAT,'UTF-8') . '"' . "\t";

      To convert to UTF-8, use function utf8_decode($value)

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