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This is a concise yet thorough description of Unicode used for another page on this site Software Internationalization and Localization


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Character Unicode Dec. Rev.
a \u0250 ɐ ɐ
b - - q
c \u0254 ɔ ɔ
e \u01DD ǝ ǝ
f \u025F ɟ ɟ
g \u0183 ƃ ƃ
h \u0265 ɥ ɥ
i \u0131 ĭ ĭ
j \u027E ɾ ɾ
k \u029E ʞ ʞ
l \u05DF ן ן
m \u026F ɯ ɯ
n - - u
r \u0279 ɹ ɹ
t \u0287 ʇ ʇ
v \u028C ʌ ʌ
w \u028D ʍ ʍ
y \u028E ʎ ʎ

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