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Quality Assurance is more than just testing (a Quality Control activity). More sophisticated Quality Management coincides with an organization's path toward maturity and capability.

“I can't take it any more.” by Albet Gottfried as Iago in Aladdin


Topics this page:

  • QC vs. QA
  • Stages of QM
  • QA Activities
  • QA Tools
  • Quality Metrics
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    Set screen The Difference Between Quality Control, Assurance, and Audit

      Aspect: Functional Supervision Quality Control Quality Assurance Quality Audit

      responsibility of ...

      supervisors the worker management CEO/Board

      implements ...

      plans procedures quality policies corporate policies

      identifies defects in ...

      people products processes organization and controls

      concerned with ...

      delivery schedules specific products all products documents

      measures ...

      resource usage product attributes improvements extent of compliance

      People do not create defects, processes do. —W. Edwards Deming

      The types of controls:

      • preventive - door locks, access codes - attempts to stop an undesirable from occurring.
      • detective - smoke detectors, fire alarms - alerts when events occur.
      • corrective - fire extinguishers and sprinklers - activated when an undesirable event occured.

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    Set screen Stages of Quality Management

      No single effort (TQM, reengineering, etc.) is right for every organization. We design the most appropriate strategy for an organization depending on the organization's current status. Process Maturityanother page on this site This matrix summarizes the factors which we have found most important to focusing improvement efforts.
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    Set screen QA Activities Before, During, and After Implementation

      Do this! Identify whether each activity below is QC, QA, Audit, or Supervision:

      Work Product (Artifact) Before Development During Development After Development
      A. Project Plan (Proposal) Review plan for completeness and reasonableness of estimates Confirm delivery of milestone deliverables Confirm completion and archival of working papers
      B. Customer Requirements Review req. for compliance with company and industry standards Report on status of test coverage against requirements Confirm customer sign-off
      C. Service Level Agreements Review reasonable of commitments Establish baseline metrics Monitor and report actual performance
      D. Technical Design Review for testability Utilize testability features during testing Report on testability
      E. Training Plans Identify individual training needs and offerings Confirm training occurence and effectiveness Measure payback from training
      F. Admin. & User Guidance Manuals/Help pages Identify Confirm sync with product Update historical metrics
      G. Inspections Verify risk identification & mitigation Monitor risk management Update metrics to improve payback
      H. Product Distribution Specify product distribution and installability organizational standards Verify installability and conformance to requirements Ensure backups are organized and recoverable
      I. Product Performance Establish performance test bed. Review reasonableness of estimates & commitments. Prove production readiness on test servers
      J. Bug reports Identify fixes needed Regression Test fixes Forward to future planning
      K. Suggestions Request them Document them Report on adoption rate
      L. Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys Define questions and expectations Collect contact info. Conduct survey. Analyze and report results
      M. Post Implementation Review Schedule it Document possible issues for discussion Conduct, Facilitate, Report results
      N. Portfolio of Projects (Programs) Identify potential follow-on projects Prepare for follow-on work Start follow-on work

      Note: Requirements and Developerment management (not testers) ensure that follow-up occurs.

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      Remote access:

      1. Project Planning software (Microsoft Project with MS-SharePoint portal, etc.)
      2. Requirements Management (Starbase CalibreRM, Rational RequisitePro, etc.)
      3. Performance Monitors (Mercury Topaz, etc.) for SLA monitoring
      4. Design UML (Rational Rose, TeamShare, Microsoft Visio, etc.)
      5. Training Management
      6. Word Processing (MS Word, Framemaker, etc.)
      7. Inspection checklists (on website), Test Coverage Analyzer (Compuware)
      8. Product CD (via FTP, Microsoft SMS, Tivoli)
      9. Performance Simulators (Loadrunner)
      10. Bug tracking (Mercury TestDirector, Rational ClearQuest, etc.)
      11. Suggestion tracking
      12. Survey processing (SurveyPro, etc.)
      13. Post-Implementation Review checklists (on website)
      14. Ideas for Follow-on Project proposals (on website)

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