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Here is a concise description of jms without the sales hype. In one page are practical advice, links, and examples.


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    JMS is a set of interfaces and associated semantics that define how a JMS client accesses the facilities of an enterprise messaging product.

    Since messaging is peer-to-peer, all users of JMS are referred to generically as clients. A JMS application is made up of a set of application defined messages and a set of clients that exchange them. Products that implement JMS do this by supplying a provider that implements the JMS interfaces.

    Messages, as described here, are asynchronous requests, reports or events that are consumed by enterprise applications, not humans. They contain vital information needed to coordinate these systems. They contain precisely formatted data that describe specific business actions. Through the exchange of these messages, each application tracks the progress of the enterprise.

Go to top of page LoadRunner JMS Transport Functions

    Set a general property in the user context.

    Receive a message from a queue:

    Set a JMS header or property for the next message to be sent ("Msg1", the JMSMessageID).

    Send a message to a queue:

    Send and receive a message to/from a specified queue after linking a response message with its request message.

    Obtain text returned within the default LoadRunner parameter:


Set screen

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