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Reload this page Microsoft Windows 200X Services

Here you see my progress toward making a list of Microsoft Windows 200X services presented as an XML data island. Please excuse the Javascript errors while I work on this.

tool See what DLLs are used by each process on your computer

webpage article Windows Services Probe from Converse Software detects whether Windows services are running according to its profile and issues instant alerts for intervention or launches pre-defined automated recovery and restart procedures.

webpage article Creating System Monitoring Components with VB and C#


Topics this page:

  • Services
  • Native Services
  • Tools for Services
  • Shutting Down Services
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    tool API Monitor displays Windows API calls made by User-Mode applications (not drivers or NT services).

    Set this at top of window. Windows 200X System Services

      In the list of services below, the value
      “N” under the first column indicates a Native (default) service that comes with Microsoft's operating system.
      “S” indicates a Server service.
      “A” indicates a Microsoft Add-on application such as SMS.
      “U” indicates a third-party Utility application such as Winzip.

      The Service Display Name column lists the name of the service. This field is defined in the Display Name value in registry key


      Associated in the same registry are the Description and Image Name.

      The Image Name column lists the executable file name defined at the end of the registry's Image Path value, which is usually


      The Image Name is also displayed under the Task Manager's Processes tabanother page on this site

      Values in this column can be used in batch run script filesanother page on this site to manage that service. For example, to shut down the IIS5 World Wide Web service:

      Group policies for each service can be controlled by values in the Startup, Permission, Audit column for each service used by the Service Control Manager.

      The Svc column lists the service name used in the Services file -- within %WinDir%\system32\drivers\etc -- which assigns ports to services.


    Microsoft's Glossary of Windows 2000 Services

    Black Viper's list of services for Windows 2000 and XPwebpage article recommends settings for various configurations:

    Out of 89 services, 36 are set to Automatic as DEFAULT, but, we MAY only need 6 running?!?

    webpage article Recommendations on removing each program showing up on Task List

    tool Rayslab's Startup Manager utility allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you turn on or logon to your computer. It can save a list of programs that are currently enabled or disabled as a profile that can be restored at a later time -- useful when testing several startup configurations.

    tool $70 WinTasks4 Process Library from LIUtilities helps you ferret out useless background processes so your computer runs safer and faster.
    webpage article Task List Programs list of Windows startup applications

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    Set this at top of window. List of System Services

      F Service Display Name Service Name Image Name Description StartSvcPorts
      SNAlerter Alerter svchost.exe -k LocalService Notifies selected users and computers of administrative alerts.S A
      NApplication Layer Gateway Service ALG Alg.exe
      SNApplication Management AppMgmt Svchost.exe Provides software installation services such as Assign, Publish, and Remove.S M
      Application Updates Wuauserv Svchost.exe
      Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS Svchost.exe
      SNClipBook ClipSrv clipsrv.exe Supports ClipBook Viewer, which allows pages to be seen by remote ClipBooks.- M
      SNCOM+ Event System EventSystem Svchost.exe Provides automatic distribution of events to subscribing COM components.S M
      NCOM+ System Application COMSysApp Dllhost.exe
      SNComputer Browser Browser Svchost.exe Maintains an up-to-date list of computers on your network and supplies the list to programs that request it.S A
      Cryptographic Services CryptSvc Svchost.exe
      SNDHCP Client Dhcp Manages network configuration by registering and updating IP addresses and DNS names.S A
      SNDistributed File System ? Dfssvcs.exe Manages logical volumes distributed across a local or wide area network.S A
      SNDistributed Link Tracking Client TrkWks Services.exe Sends notifications of files moving between NTFS volumes in a network domain.S A
      SNDistributed Link Tracking Server services.exe Stores information so that files moved between volumes can be tracked for each volume in the domain.- M
      SNDistributed Transaction Coordinator msdtc.exe Coordinates transactions that are distributed across two or more databases, message queues, file systems, or other transaction protected resource managers.S A
      SNDNS Client Resolves and caches Domain Name System (DNS) names.S A
      Event Reporting ERSvc Svchost.exe
      SNEvent Log Eventlog Logs event messages issued by programs and Windows. Event Log reports contain information that can be useful in diagnosing problems. Reports are viewed in Event Viewer.S A
      NFast User Switching Compatibility FastUserSwitchingCompatibility Svchost.exe
      SNFax Service Fax Fxssvc.exe Helps you send and receive faxes
      SFile Replication - Ntfrs.exe Maintains file synchronization of file directory contents among multiple servers.- M
      NFTP Publishing Service Ftp.exe (Installed with IIS)
      Help and Support Helpsvc Svchost.exe
      HID Input Service HidServ Svchost.exe
      IMAP CD-Burning COM Service ImapService Imapi.exe
      NIIS Admin Service piiserviceO Network connector to sync Palms to the desktop.
      NIIS Admin Service (Installed with IIS)
      SNIndexing Service cisvc cisvc.exe Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language.- M
      SNInternet Connection Firewall /Sharing SharedAccess Svchost.exe Provides network address translation, addressing, and name resolution services for all computers on your home network through a dial-up connection.- M
      SIntersite Messaging - Ismserv.exe Allows sending and receiving messages between Windows Advanced Server sites.- D
      SN IPSECanother page on this site Policy Agent PolicyAgent Lsass.exe Manages IP security policy and starts the ISAKMP/Oakley (IKE) and the IP security driver.- D
      S Kerberosanother page on this site Key Distribution Center - Lsass.exe Generates session keys and grants service tickets for mutual client/server authentication.- D
      S License Logging Service - Llssrv.exe -S A
      N Logical Disk Manager dmserver Services.exe Logical Disk Manager Watchdog Service.S A
      SN Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service dmadmin Dmadmin.exe Administrative service for disk management requests.- M
      SN Messenger Messenger Svchost.exe Sends and receives messages transmitted by administrators or by the Alerter service.S A
      MS Software Shadow Copy Provider SwPrv Dllhost.exe
      SN Net Logon NetLogon Lsass.exe Supports pass-through authentication of account logon events for computers in a domain.S A
      SN NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing mnmsrvc mnmsrvc.exe Allows authorized people to remotely access your Windows desktop using NetMeeting.- M
      SN Network Connections Netman Svchost.exe -k netsvcs Manages objects in the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder, in which you can view both local area network and remote connections.S M
      SN Network DDE NetDDE netdde.exe Provides network transport and security for dynamic data exchange (DDE).- M
      SN Network DDE DSDM NetDDEdsdm netdde.exe Manages shared dynamic data exchange and is used by Network DDE- M
      Network Location Awareness Nla Svchost.exe
      SN NT LM Security Support Provider NtLmSsp Lsass.exe Provides security to remote procedure call (RPC) programs that use transports other than named pipes.- M
      SN Performance Logs and Alerts SysmonLog smlogsvc.exe Configures performance logs and alerts.- M
      SN Plug and Play PlugPlay services.exe Manages device installation and configuration and notifies programs of device changes.S A
      Portable Media Serial Number WmdmPmSp Svchost.exe
      N PPPoE Service
      SN Print Spooler Spooler spoolsv.exe Loads files to memory for later printing.S A
      SN Protected Storage ProtectedStorage Services.exe Provides protected storage for sensitive data, such as private keys, to prevent access by unauthorized services, processes, or users.S A
      SN QoS RSVP RSVP rsvp.exe Provides network signaling and local traffic control setup functionality for QoS-aware programs and control applets.- M
      SN Remote Access Auto Connection Manager RasAuto Svchost.exe Creates a connection to a remote network whenever a program references a remote DNS or NetBIOS name or address.- M
      SN Remote Access Connection Manager RasMan Svchost.exe Creates a network connection.S M
      N Remote Desktop Help Session Manager RDSessMgr sessmgr.exe Manages and controls Remote Assistance. If this service is stopped, Remote Assistance will be unavailable. Before stopping this service, see the Dependencies tab of the Properties dialog box.
      SN Remote Procedure Call (RPC) RpcSs Svchost.exe Provides the endpoint mapper and other miscellaneous RPC services.S A
      SN Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator RpcLocator locator.exe Manages the RPC name service database.- M
      SN Remote Registry Service RemoteRegistry Svchost.exe Allows remote registry manipulation.S A
      SN Removable Storage NtmsSvc Svchost.exe Manages removable media, drives, and libraries.S A
      SN Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccess Svchost.exe Offers routing services to businesses in local area and wide area network environments.S A
      SN RunAs Service Enables starting processes under alternate credentials.S A
      SN Security Accounts Manager SamSs lsass.exe Stores security information for local user accounts.S A
      N Security Logon seclogon Svchost.exe
      SN Server lanmanserver Svchost.exe Provides RPC support and file, print, and named pipe sharing.S A
      N Shell Hardware Detection ShellHWDetection Svchost.exe
      SN Smart Card SCardSvr SCardSvr.exe Manages and controls access to a smart card inserted into a smart card reader attached to the computer.- M
      SN Smart Card Helper SCardDrv Scardsvr.exe Provides support for legacy smart card readers attached to the computer.- M
      S SOE Admin Service - sysexec.exe - S A
      S SOE Send Service - SndServ.exe - S A
      N SMTP Service (Installed with IIS)
      N SSDP Discovery Servicer SSDPSRV Svchost.exe
      SN System Event Notification SENS Svchost.exe Tracks system events such as Windows logon, network, and power events. Notifies COM+ Event System subscribers of these events.S A
      N System Restore Service Srservice Svchost.exe
      SN Task Scheduler Schedule MSTask.exe Enables a program to run at a designated time.S A
      SN TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service LmHosts Services.exe Enables support for NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) service and NetBIOS name resolution.S A
      SN Telephony TapiSrv Svchost.exe -k tapisrv Provides Telephony API (TAPI) support for programs that control telephony devices and IP based voice connections on the local computer and, through the LAN, on servers that are also running the service.S M
      SN Telnet TlntSvr tlntsvr.exe Allows a remote user to log on to the system and run console programs using the command line.- M
      S Terminal Services Termserv Ternserv.exe Provides a multisession environment that allows client devices to access a virtual Windows 2000 Professional desktop session and Windows-based programs running on the server.- D
      N Themes Themes Svchost.exe
      N TrueVector Basic Logging Client Writes alert text to a log file.
      N TrueVector Internet Monitor Monitors internet traffic and generates alerts for disallowed access.
      SN Uninterruptible Power Supply ups.exe Manages an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to the computer.- M
      N Universal Plug and Play Device Host upnphost Svchost.exe
      N Upload Manager uploadmgr Svchost.exe
      SN Utility Manager UtilMan.exe Starts and configures accessibility tools from one window.- M
      N Volume Shadow Copy VSS Vssvc.exe
      N WebClient WebClient Svchost.exe
      N Windows Audio AudioSrv Svchost.exe
      N Windows Image Acquisition (IWIA) Stisvc Svchost.exe
      SN Windows Installer MSIServer msiexec.exe Installs, repairs and removes software according to instructions contained in .MSI files.- M
      SN Windows Management Instrumentation winmgmt Winmgmt.exe Provides system management information.S A
      SN Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions Wmi Services.exe Provides systems management information to and from drivers.S M
      SN Windows Time W32Time Svchost.exe Sets the computer clock.S A
      N Windows Zero Configuration W2CSVC Svchost.exe
      WMI Performance Adapter WmiApSrv Wmiapsrv.exe
      SN Workstation lanmanworkstation Svchost.exe Provides network connections and communications.S A
      N World Wild Web Publishing Service w3svc.exe (Installed with IIS)
      A AutoUpdate for WindowsME wuauclt.exe -
      - Microsoft Office XP Alternative User Input monitor ctfmon.exe -

      F Service Display Name Service Name Image Name Description Start
      - Epson Printer Status Monitor E_S10IC2.exe -
      - Epson Printer Bidirectional Service eEBSvc.exe -
      - Epson ECP/EPP Printer Detection SAgent2.exe-
      - Symantec Event Manager Service CCEVTMGR.exe -
      - Symantec Norton AntiVirus Common CLient App ccApp.exe -
      - Symantec Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect NAVAPSVC.exe -
      - Creative sound plug-in manager CTHELPER.exe -

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    Set this at top of window. Tools for Managing Services

      tool To list the state of services on your machine using WMI/WBEM root class, run this from the Resource Kit:
      Cscript “service.vbs

        NAME                STATE     DISPLAY NAME   
        Alerter             Stopped   Alerter        
        ALG                 Running   Application Layer Gateway Service 
        AppMgmt             Stopped   Application Management 

      To get this same list from within the Recovery Console, run:

      To create / delete, start / stop, or pause / continue services, use the Service Controller from the Resource Kit CD. This queries all:
      sc query state= all

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    Set this at top of window. Make Any Application Into a Service

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    Set this at top of window. Shutting Down Services

      Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition services keeps itself from being stopped or removed —even with administrator rights — if that option has been disabled via the Symantec System Center (SSC).

      So you need to use the SSC to allow/deny users the ability to stop/start the service. In the SSC, highlight the specific system then click > All Tasks > Norton AntiVirus > Client Administrator Only Options > Security > and check/uncheck the “Lock the ability of users to unload Norton AntiVirus Services”.

      To change the “Ask for password to allow uninstall of Norton AntiVirus client”, SSC requests the password used to set up the specific group.

      RPC Ports

      To lock down ports used for RPC communications, run Regedit.

      Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RPC\Internet
      Named Value: Ports
      Type: REG_MULTI_SZ
      Setting: Range of port. This can be multiple lines.
      Named Value: PortsInternetAvailable
      Type: REG_SZ
      Setting: Y
      Named Value: UseInternetPorts
      Type: REG_SZ
      Setting: Y

      Turbo Tax CDAC11BA.EXE

      Disabling the C_DILLA service associated with this file has no effect because Turbo Tax recreates the file. So you need "Tiny Personal Firewall 3.0" to deny the file CDAC11BA.EXE of any resource access rights and disallowing Turbot Tax to install/start any services.

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