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Set this at top of window. Control Panel Applets

    This lists Control Panel Names and Comments for Windows XP (and previous Versions of Windows).

    Name of Control Panel Applet Icon .cpl file or Shortcut Note
    Console console.cpl
    Accessibility Options access.cpl
    Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl
    Add or Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
    Administrative Tools Shortcut to main.cpl
    Date and Time (Clock) timedate.cplTclockex
    Compaq Insight Agents cpqmgmt.cpl Custom
    Date and Time timedate.cpl
    Display (Properties) desk.cpl
    Fax Service Management ?.dllWindows 2000 only if a fax-capable device is detected
    Folder Options SHELL32.dll
    Fonts Shortcut to main.cpl
    Game Controllers (Joystick) joy.cpl
    International and Regional intl.cpl
    Internet Options inetcpl.cpl
    Infrared Port irprops.cpl
    Keyboard main.cpl
    Licensing liccpa.cpl
    Mail mlcfg32.cpl
    Modem and Phone modem.cpl
    Mouse and Keyboard main.cpl
    Netware Client nwc.cpl
    Network Connections (Connectivity) ncpa.cpl
    Norton Live Update S32LUCP1.cpl Custom
    ODBC Data Source Administrator odbccp32.cpl
    PC Card devapps.cpl
    Phone and Modem Options telephon.cpl
    Power Options (Management) powercfg.cpl
    Printers and Faxes Shortcut to \Documents and Settings\ user \Desktop
    QuickTime QuickTime.cplCustom
    RealPlayer Preferences prefscpl.cplCustom
    Regional and Language Options intl.cpl
    Scanners and Cameras sticpl.cpl
    from wiashext.dll
    Server Manager srvmgr.cpl
    Scheduled Tasks Shortcut to main.cpl
    Sounds and Audio Devices (Multimedia) mmsys.cpl
    Speech Properties Shortcut to :\Program Files \Common Files \Microsoft Shared \Speech \sapi.cpl
    System sysdm.cpl
    Taskbar and Start Menu Shortcut to \Documents and Settings\ user \Desktop
    Taskbar and Start Menu access.cpl
    TweakUI tweakui.cpl
    User Accounts (Manager) nusrmgr.cpl
    Wild Tangent (spyware) wtcpl.cpl
    ? jpicpl32.cpl
    ? mbllnk.cpl

    clicking Control Panel from invokes from WINDOWS/WINNT executable file CONTROL.EXE, which presents applets with file extension .cpl stored within the System32 folder.

    The visiblity of .cpl items can be controlled with the “Hide Specified Control Panel Applets" Group Policy setting under the “User Configuration" node in the “Administrative Templates\Control Panel" container.

    On Windows 2000 and XP, applet visibility is specified in Windows Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load\

    In Windows 9x machines, these lines in the control.ini file within WINDOWS/WINNT folder keep (in this example, Internet Options) applets from loading:

    [don't load] 

    Caution! Because Control Panel scans through these entries, it can inadvertantly invoke trojans.

    To limit access to the Administrative Tools folder, verify that the “Display Administrative Tools" check box is cleared in the “Advanced" tab of the “Taskbar And Start Menu Properties" dialog box. Then enable the “Disable Changes To Taskbar And Start Menu Settings" Group Policy setting located under the “User Configuration" node in the “Administrative Templates\Start Menu & Taskbar" container.

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