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Here are notes on the process of making video movies using Adobe Premiere and other software.

webpage article Make Internet is a similar site. It's combined with MITVwiki.

webpage article Build a Workstation Designed to Edit Digital Video


Topics this page:

  • The Steps: Plan
  • Output Formats
  • Creative Assets
  • Other Vlogs
  • Effects
  • Camera
  • Lights
  • Sound
  • Action
  • Webcams
  • DVD Media
  • You Tube
  • Your comments???

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    Set this at top of window. Steps to Create a Movie

      It usually takes more time than people think. Remember Hollywood movies that went over budget and didn't deliver ("Heaven's Gate", "Pearl Harbor", etc.). by Dottech

    1. Plan out a Storyboard. The more you know exactly what you want, the less time you chance to waste. Some prefer 3M post-it notes for posting on a big wall. Others prefer a Word file with tables for ease of update and for sorting on several columns. Use screewriter standard abbreviations

      Set this at top of window. Screenplays

      Abbreviation Meaning
      INT Interior
      EXT Exterior
      F/U Fade up
      CU Closeup
      WS Waist shot
      LS Long shot
      POV Point of view
      O/S Over shoulder
      LD Lock down camera on tripod

      With "Hollywood" movie productions, camera angles and shots are specified by the director, not the screenwriter. Including them in the dialog of a screenplay may detract from its rhythm and readability.

      Video editing suites offer a lot of different effects. Try them out and note in the script where one may be applicable.

      Our lives are frittered away by details; simplify, simplify. — Henry David Thoreau

      "Pre-roll" display introductory titles,
      "Post-roll" display ending credits.

      If you have flat images such as photographs, envision how you want the viewer's eye to pan and zoom into parts of the photograph (like Ken Burns does with his documentaries on the Civil War and other topics).

      The layout used for writing movie scripts etc. is a pretty rigidly (and somewhat arbitrarily) defined convention Here is CSS for a screenplay.

      body { font-family: "Courier New", "Courier", monospace;
      	font-size: 12pt;}
      p { 	     margin: 12pt 0px 12pt 1.5in; width: 6.5in; }
      p.dialogue { margin: 0px 0px 0px 3in;     width: 3in; } {     margin: 12pt 0px 0px 4.2in;  width: 1.8in; }
      p.action {   margin: 0px 0px 0px 3.7in;   width: 1.5in; }
      Narratives use a regular paragraph <p>. <p class="name"> designates the actor talking, followed by the dialogue.


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    Set this at top of window.
    1. Decide on the (technical) formats to be used.

      Set this at top of window. Frames Per Second (fps)

      Film recordings of video screens have a "rolling bar" effect because high-budget motion picture film is shown at a relatively slow 24 frames per second (fps), which gets "pulled down" to the 30 fps NTSC format used by North American television.

      Those recording a PowerPoint presentation in Camtasia may be able to get away with a 4 frames per second rate to keep file sizes smaller.

      Web phones are usually exported at 15 fps.

      The frame rate is selected at the project level for all frames in the video.

      So when you create a new project file (.ppj in Adobe Premiere),
      select the North American NTSC to export a timeline at default 0.9 DV.
      select for audiances in France PAL to export at DV 1.067.

      Set this at top of window. Digital TV Standards

      The CCIR-601 digital television standard used by professional digital video equipment, called "Main Level", is 30 fps 720 x 243 by 60 interlaced fields. Its chrominance channels are 360 by 243. The source input format for MPEG I, called SIF and Low Level (LL), is CCIR-601 decimated by 2:1, yielding 352 pixels x 240 lines x 30 frames/sec.

      Set this at top of window. Recording vs. Playback Resolution

    2. Output at a lower resolution than recording so that zooms remain crisp.
      Consumer HD cameras which record at 1280x960 resolution (at 530 pixels) would
      ideally playback at 640x480 for the most flexibility with zooming, or 720x540 for crisper resolution.
    3. This extract from my page on screen resolutions are discussed below:

      Format Name Frame size (height x width) Aspect Ratio FPS
      Imax "15/70" Large Format 52mm x 70mm 1.35 48
      35mm theatre film 17.5mm x 21mm 1.2 29.97
      Youtube - - 25
      Early Web phones 240 x 180 1.33 15
      new iPad (3) 2048 x 1536 landscape
      1536 x 2048 portrait (264 ppi)
      1.33 to 30
      iPad 1024 x 768 landscape
      768 x 1024 portrait
      1.33 15
      iPhone & Android 480 x 360 landscape
      360 x 480 portrait
      1.33 15

      ATSC tuners are needed by older analog TVs to receive on-air HDTV broadcasts. because old analog TVs cannot display progressive-scan DVD media or HDTV signals, which are digital. But FTC requires new TVs to have this.

      The older "480p" is for EDTV (Enhanced-Definition TV) plasma TVs which display HDTV signals at 852x480 pixels.

      The "1080 Full HDTV" format (used by CBS, NBC Olympics, HDNet, and others) displays 1080 horizontal lines, each with 1920 pixels for widescreen 16:9 pixel aspect ratio, using two variations:

        The "p" in "1080p" is for "progressive scan" presentation. This makes for a superior display.

        The "i" in "1080i" is for "interlaced" presentation, where 540 odd lines are written, then 540 even lines. This can cause images to appear jagged .

        So "1080p" is better (but more expensive than 1080i or 720p.

      The "720p" HDTV production format (adopted by ABC for HDTV Monday Night Football and MS Media Center and XBox 360) has 720 horizontal lines, each with 1280 pixels. This inferior standard was created by Microsoft so it can claim it is displaying "HD" on lower resolution (now older) computer video screens.

      Get HDTV with a DVI/HDCP (Digital Visual Interface/ High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)

      HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connections digitally carries high-bandwidth video signals and 8 channel audio, plus control signals. Most PC monitors do not have a speaker. Most people want sound to go through the headphone jack on the PC. This means when using HDMI you need to go into Control Panel.

      Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) trains professionals to calibrate televisions,

      Plasma TVs are cheaper to make, but are more susceptible to "burn-in" than LCD panels.

      These incorporate the video codec with the video: Camatisa Studio, BINK, and SonicDVDit cDVD format.



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      Set this at top of window. Video CD (VCD) and Super VCD

      To publish video files in CVD or SVCD format to a folder named MPEG2 or MPEGAV on a CD in Adobe Premier, use menu item Export Timeline > MPEG. But note Microsoft's Windows Media Player is known to have audio-video sync and aspect ratio problems playing VCD MPEG-2 files directly from a CD-ROM.

      tool Unlike previous versions, Windows XP does not come with a DVD codec. Resolve this problem by installing a RealOne player or other commercial software DVD Player such as the $50 WinDVD player ($100 for DTS) PowerDVD, or Maximus 4.66MB downloaded from So, most importantly, install the MPEG-2 codec 1.48MB downloaded from, then run "FreeDVD Codec Installer Version 1.0" program codecinstaller.exe, which registers DllRegisterServer in and

      On the Mac, download and install the VideoLAN client (vlc) developed under open source to read VCDs and encrypted DVDs as well as MPEG and DivX files on OSX10.1, Windows, Linux and other platforms. It can read streams from a network sent by the VideoLAN Server or another source. The streams can be MPEG 2 TS in UDP or HTTP packets unicasted or multicasted on an IPv4 or IPv6 network

      Caution! Not all DVD players support the SVCD format.

      tool QTPro exports videos using the Sor3 1-pass encoder. If you do a lot of encoding and are willing to spend the bucks SorensonPro3 uses a 2-pass VBR which reduces bandwidth requirements for smaller videos.

      Set this at top of window. Website Streaming

      If your audience is on a website ...

      Platform Playback Service MPEG Compressor File Format Procedure for output
      Windows Windows MediaPlayer MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 *.mpg, *.mpe, *.mp3, *.avi
      QuickTime 5.0 and later MP3 *.avi
      Mac OS Windows MediaPlayer MP3 *.mp3
      QuickTime 3.0 and later MPEG-1 *.mov

      DivX = MPEG4 provides a compromise.

      Get the Microsoft Media Encoder

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    Set this at top of window. Other Vlogs (Video Logs)

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    Set this at top of window. Creative Assets

    1. Create separate folders for the project from common assets (such as company logos) used on many projects.

      • Design Title and Credit pages (.prtl files). Select font shadows, textures, and sheens.

      • Scan, Size, and Process Photos.

        Photos should all be 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. Retouch and color-correct the image. Images for display on television should not have colors that are too saturated or have important content on the outer edges.

        Images not cropped with the same pixel ratio (4:3 or 16:9) appear distorted in the monitor window until you drag and drop the "Image Pan" video effect filter on top of the still image bar on the timeline. Enable the filter in the Effect Controls palette. A blue line appears above the clip, and the image pan effect.

        Reminder If you use stills in Adobe Premiere, enable "Optimize Stills" (off by default) in Project > Project Settings ... > Keyframe and Rendering. To reduce flicker on stills, consider applying "Flicker Reduction" and apply about a .1 - .2 guassian blur.

      • Capture video on older Hi-8 or, more preferably, mini-DV tape or (best of all) HD.
          To avoid disappointment, make sure to have enough lighting and sound.

      • Get .mp3 files by ripping songs from CD's or download from Kazaa. A soundtrack provides emotion texture. Music make video cuts seem more connected.

        Uncompressed .wav files require 250 Mbytes for 40 minutes of mono sound. Compressed .mp3 (MPEG 2 Layer-3) files require 5.5 Mbytes for 40 minutes of 16,000 Hz Mono.

      • Export .jpg from .avi

        To export a jpg file from .avi, pull down menu File > Export Timeline > Frame or press shortcut Ctrl-Shift-M. Save the file as .tiff or .bmp, then open it in Adobe Photoshop. In the Filters menu and Video submenu, choose “deinterlace” to “Eliminate Odd Fields by Interpolation.”


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    Set this at top of window. Import Assets

    1. Import files into your project's file bin.
      Adobe Premiere allows for multiple bins.

      Download the FLV (Adobe Flash) file for the URL to a YouTube page at [thanks to saensu].

      Upload a FLV (flash) file and upload its MP3 at

    2. Sequence elements on the timeline by dragging the icon (not the description) of each element onto the video or audio row of the timeline. Use Video 2 and higher to superimpose tracks. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) clips in the Timeline for a menu to choose Speed, etc.


      Libraries of videos:

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    Set this at top of window.
    1. Edit and Apply Effects. This is perhaps the most time-consuming part of video post-production.

      Adobe Premiere's Effects pallet window includes transition, sound, and audio special effects from Adobe's After Effects product.

      Preview transitions by pressing Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) as you drag the edit line. Make sure the transition's Track Selector arrow points the correct direction.

      Each effect acts cumulatively on a clip. For example, if you have two clips with the same two people on different sides, you can ensure visual continuity between two clips by applying the horizontal flip effect. This works in addition to the image pan effect applied to the still.

      To work on a specific segment, right-click on other elements and select un-enable clip on timeline so they won't distract you.

      Use the razor tool to cut. To more precisely find positions for making cuts, zoom in the timeline and slowly slide the slider. Right-click on videos to un-link the clip from its audio portion. But to avoid discontinuities, do this on small clips from a video.

      To freeze frame in Adobe Premiere:

      1. Edit (scrub through) the clip on the timeline to find the frame to hold.
      2. Create a Marker 0 at the precise point (press Ctrl-Alt-0) You can hit "Ctrl-0" to go that marker directly.
      3. Copy the clip and paste it next to the original.
      4. Right click the new clip for Video Options -> Frame Hold
      5. Check "Hold On" and set it to "Marker 0".

      To fade to/from black in Adobe Premiere:

      1. File > New > Black video
      2. Apply fade filter.

      Create a watermark/logo of your company or URL on every frame. The brands your content to discourage theft. But keep a version of video files without the watermark so that you can change it later.

    2. Preview the timeline so that Premiere knows when to generate transition effects on the Monitor. This usually takes a long time and takes a lot of disk space.

      The yellow bar at the top of the Timeline limits what part of the timeline is to be rendered. Red spots on the bar identify the frames of video that need rendering.

      File space management

      As you make changes, obsolete preview files remain in the folder. So before archiving your project files, it's a good idea to save your project to an new file name, then not copy the preview files.

      After you save your file to a new .ppj file, make room for new preview files by deleting folders for obsolete Adobe Premiere Preview Files.

      Store captured files to a project folder in a separate from Adobe's Program Files folder.

    3. Export
      • If you publish CD's, design and print CD covers. Files exported in MP3 (or new VQF) encoding take time to download, but can be played off-line.

      • If you publish your file on a website, link viewers to a html file that also provides a link users can download the client to play that file, such as to Apple for its QuickTime client plug-in for .avi files and Yamaha for its .VQF player.

        If you host mp3 files, provide users .m3u locator files which contain a "play-list" of files in a given location. A web server will streams .mp3 files if it has been setup to associate file extensions .m3u and .mp3. Special software is needed to convert media into streaming media. Special software is also used to host the files on web servers.

        tool Use RealSystem Helix Producer software to create .ram RealVideo files.

    4. Duplicate and distribute your work.
    5. Publicize and Promote

      • If you mention someone's name, notify them before making the video public.
      • For the title, picking words from a SEO point of view results in better recognition than clever titles.
      • Comments to video enable linking to your video.
      • Encourage friends and colleagues to rate and comment on your video.
      • Talk about your video at popular social networking sites such as
      • Provide RSS feeds from your personal blog
      • Use the YouTube Groups feature to build your own niche video community.
      • Track response and statistics using YouTube Insight.

      webpage article Brian Maffitt of Total Training offers training videos on Adobe Premiere

      webpage article Adobe digital motion video tutorials

      tool Video Editing Software

    • Apple Final Cut Pro is what many pros are using, but it's not avaiable on PCs
    • Avid's Xpress DV 3.5 (XDV) is such a venerable industry workhorse that it uses the name "bin" for when film was held in metal bins. It comes with both a Mac and Windows version in the same box. But its proprietary internal OMF format is losing to the newer QuickTime format because translating from Avid to After Effects loses a digital generation.
    • $900 Adobe Premiere is supposed to work the same on PCs and Macs.
    • $100 Sony Vegas Video Pro captures AVHD and creates BluRay discs.
    • Corel is currently the only one to offer frames around videos.
    • Ulead Media Studio
    • Pinnacle Studio has been buggy
    • AIST MoviePack

    • Microsoft Movie Maker (bundled with Windows Me+)
    • Apple iMovie (bundled with iMac DV)

    • MGI VideoWave
    • Sonic Video Factory
    • Media 100 / Digital Origin FreeDV, EditDV

      tool $599 Terran Media Cleaner 5 for Video Compression & Enhancement

      Web Authoring

    • RealNetworks RealProducer 8 (Basic free, Plus $150) Inputs: AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-1, Wave, MP3, AIFF, AU
    • Apple QuickTime Player Pro (free, Pro $30)
    • Microsoft Windows Media On-Demand Producer (free)
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    Set this at top of window. Cameras


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    Set this at top of window. Lights

      Light Source Degrees Kelvin
      Single candle burning 1930
      25-250W Household incandescent lamp 2600-2900
      500-1000W Studio tungsten lamp 3000
      2000W Studio tungsten lamp 3275
      Quartz/tungsten halogen lamp 3400
      Potoflood 3400
      Fluorescent lamps 3000-6500
      Sunrise & Sunsets 2000-3000
      1 hour after sunrise 3500
      Sunless daylight 4500-4800
      Midday sun 5000-5400
      Overcast sky 6800-7800
      Hazy sky 8000-9000
      Clear blue North sky 10000-20000

      Foot candles?

      Wattage and ampage sells royalty-free background motion graphics for chroma-key.

      When using a true green or true blue chroma-key background, light the back screen well and avoid making shadows by standing at least 4 feet away.

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    Set this at top of window. Sound

      The sound spectrum audible to most humans is from a low Bass of 20 hz to a high of 20,000 Hz (20kHz - kilohertz). Thuds from a subwoofer is about 50-70hz. Human speech (vocals) are around 1-2kHz.

      Sound Source Loudness
      Outdoor silence 10
      Quiet whisper 20
      Normal conversation 60
      Airplane cabin 80
      Heavy traffic 85
      Niagara Falls 95
      Prop. plane taking off 110
      Jet plane taking off 125
      loudest measurable 194

      Graphic equalizers have markings for hertz and db. One sound mastering technique to make sounds "clearer" is to boost 4kHz by 2-3db, because most humans notice difference in volume every 3 db.

      To keep pop sounds from being picked up, use a microphone with a shield, such as the $35 Shure ""Popper Stopper Pop Filter" for the $200 Shure PG45 Vocal Microphone. ASIN: B001U1IVBI.

      When editing, adjust volume up/down gradually -- slightly before strategic points in the video.

      Idea Leading in with sound helps the audience anticipate the next scene.

      In Premiere, open up the audio by clicking the arrow. Click the red line to create an inflection point, which is pulled above or below the dark green line to raise or lower the volume.

      If you cut the sound, all sounds following it will be pulled in.
      So you may prefer to silence some sounds to keep the total time of your recording the same (in sync with video).

      Almost every TV sold today has MTS stereo reception and stereo speakers.

      tool $250 Cool Edit from Syntrillium transforms sound files for noise reduction and other feats.

      tool Voice remover plug-in for DirectX and WinAmp.

      tool Audio Hijack Pro from ($32) grabs sound going to the speakers from any application.

      tool Pamela from grabs sound going to the speakers from Skype.

      tool Audacity or AudioDub

      This toilet flush sounds three dimensional from only two speakers because it was processed by the NuReality Vivid 3D(tm) system, which adds indirect ambient sound to recreate the "live" feeling of the original performance. It's based on the work of Arnold Klayman who completed SRS (Sound Retrieval System) technology in 1988 after 10 years of research at Hughes Aircraft Corporation.

      Electronic musicians share their original sounds and music at

      Camtasia videos use Camstudio Lossless codec of Lame MP3 audio .avi file compression at 22050 Hz 32 kbps ABR, Mono 4KB/s.

      Most software support more flexible MP3 ID3v2 as well as the more widely compatible ID3v1 tags.

      Liberated Syndication is a one-step shop that host podcasts and takes care of blogging, iTunes, RSS, etc. all for $30 a month with no bandwidth limit.

      The octave of Western music is subdivided into 12 notes equally spaced on a logarithmic scale, beginning with 220 Hz.

      Note in
      - Frequency
      ALa 220 = 220 . 20/12
      A#- 233 = 220 . 21/12
      BTe 247 = 220 . 22/12
      Middle CDo 262 = 220 . 23/12
      C#- 277 = 220 . 24/12
      DRe 294 = 220 . 25/12
      D#- 311 = 220 . 26/12
      EMi 330 = 220 . 27/12
      FFa 349 = 220 . 28/12
      F#- 370 = 220 . 29/12
      GSo 392 = 220 . 210/12
      G#- 415 = 220 . 211/12
      ALa 440 = 220 . 212/12
      BTe 494
      CDo 523
      American car horns beep in the tone of F.

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    Set this at top of window. Action

      Set this at top of window. Still Pan and Zoom

      Any .jpg or .bmp file that does not have a 4:3 pixel ratio should use Adobe Premiere's "Image Pan" video effect.

      To achieve the "Pan and Zoom" effect where the camera seems to move around an image, define beginning and ending keyframes. Key frames specify what the camera sees at various points in time. Premiere then uses OpenGL software in real time to smoothly interpolate pixels from one key frame onto the next.

      1. Select the clip on the timeline
      2. Drag the "Image Pan" icon from the Transitions Effects pane (on the lower right by default).
      3. Enable the effect: In the Effect Controls window, click the box next to the words "Image Pan" to make the stopwatch icon appear.
      4. Position to the beginning frame by clicking the left arrow on the left pane.
      5. Click "Setup" and define the portion of the still the camera sees. Close the window. To define the screen size, type in a vertical size number smaller than the one shown. Premiere automatically selects a horizontal number befitting the pixel ratio (640x480, 720x480, etc.). Drag the outline to position it in place. To maintain the aspect ratio while sizing the outline, hold the ALT button down while dragging the outline's corner viewpoints.
      6. Position to the ending frame by clicking the right arrow on the left pane.
      7. Click "Setup" and define the portion of the still the camera sees. Close the window.

      Instead of hard jump cuts, cut to a close-up or a different angle.


      A 10 minute finished movie takes 2GB of hard disk space.

      At 4 MB/sec. a firewire connection would take 50 minutes to transfer.

      webpage article This tutorial from Peachtree Press explains Pan and Zoom.

      tool To enhance DVD-Video with DV-ROM or internet connectivity, use PC Friendly or Player 2.0 from InterActual.

      Several companies have refined the interface by combining both pan and zoom tools into an single (easier to use) interface, including real-time previews:

      tool StageTools' MovingPicture Adobe Premiere plug-in for pan and zoom of high-res digital flat images.

      tool Imaginate (from Canopus Corp) uses the model of moving a virtual camera over the image versus a fixed camera and moving objects.

      tool Video Factory from Sonic Foundry

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    Set this at top of window. Webcams

      Higher network bandwidth allows you finer resolution, more frequent updates, and archives.

      This picture (.jpg file) is from a Logicam "eyeball" camera, which captures at a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

      Such a resolution is what is obtained by camera phones.


      tool $10 Conquercam and $39 digi-watcher periodically captures and FTPs images to websites. Its many features include a motion detector that can email an .avi movie of the movements detected.

      cinema verite —a French phrase meaning "cinema truth", for the art of film so as to convey candid realism.

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    Set this at top of window. DVD Media

      There are two different types of DVD-R (write-once) media:

      • DVD-R for Authoring (635 nm wavelength recording sensitivity) for "professional" applications.
      • DVD-R for General (650 nm wavelength recording sensitivity) for consumers. This uses CSS (Content Scrambling System) copy-protection scheme controlled by the DVD Copy Control Association. In Dec. 2003 the Norwegian appeals court upheld Jon Lech Johansen's acquittal for his DeCSS program.
      • CD-R (780 nm wavelength recording sensitivity)

      DVD readers can read two types of DVD-R media (created by different burning hardware):

      • "1X" DVD transfer rate, equivalent to 11.08 Mbps (megabits per second), -- about 9 times that of CD-R -- will create a 3.95 GB DVD disk in 50 minutes and a 4.7 GB DVD in an hour.
      • Cutting Master Format (CMF) containing DDP (Disc Description Protocol) header on the 4.7GB Authoring media makes it a direct replacement for DLT master tapes for duplication. DVD-R uses the "UDF Bridge" (Universal Disk Format) file system that also supports older ISO-9660 used by CD-ROM. The minimum size is 32KB because that's the Error correction code (ECC) block size.

      Recording begins from the inner radius out.

      It looks like losing the VHS-Betamax format gave Sony the drive it needed.
      Sony's aggressive marketing deals have pretty much won the High Definition DVD format war.
      At the end of 2007, all the movie studios except Paramount announced they are going with Blu-Ray.
      Blockbuster is Blue-Ray. End of story.
      Part of the payoff for Sony is increased sales of PlayStation 3, which has a Blu-Ray player.


      webpage article How to rip DVD to avi using the XviD movie codec and downlaod
      tool DVDx

      tool HandBrake is freeware that turns a DVD into MPEG-4 files on PC hard disks. It also grabs audio from MPEG audio tracks and outputs digital files in MPEG-4, AVI, OGM for video, or AAC, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis audio.

      "There are some very nice extras in here, such as being able to select individual DVD chapters, grabbing subtitles, and more. You get plenty of control over your recording, including selecting the bit rate, maximum file size for video, and bit rate and sample rate for audio."

      HDMI TO HDMI 6 foot cable

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    Set this at top of window. Showing videos on YouTube

      In 2006 the megabucks acquisition of YouTube by Google makes video the current darling of startup technologies. So this list is probably outdated. So I appreciate your help on more current information.

      YouTube has the "first mover" advantage of having the widest audience (currently). Several people (lonelygirl) have become famous (for 15 minutes) when bloggers talk about it.

      In Nov 2008 YouTube switched to 16:9 aspect ratio of 960 pixels wide X 528 high.

      Now videos created in the squarish 4:3 ratio at 320x240 or 480 x 360 are displayed with a black strip on either end. The actual screen was 450x338 pixels.

      YouTube automatically resizes when converting to FLV files for display and streaming.

      Notice that Since YouTube does not display all the 1900 x 1024 pixels of a full HD image, so we can crop videos recorded in squarish DV video with no loss in picture quality. So it's OK that Microsoft Movie Maker produces only up to 720 pixels.

      Audio Freq. is still optimal at 1248.

      YouTube still has a 100MB size limit.


      YouTube has the infrastructure of streaming servers to make it fast. But others have sprung up to offer more HD, faster downloads, or other advantages:

    • metacafe
    • is also known to be fast.
    • vimeo
    • provides a way for visitors to download to video iPod/Sony PSP.
    • GodTube targets Christian content.
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    Set this at top of window. Showing videos on you website

      For hi-definition quality, consider div-x.

      Hosting: brightcove, viddler, and video egg provide a more "professional" look and feel for a more serious vibe.

      Bubble Guru provides AJAX script that pops up a video on your site.

      Video cartoon saying speech-synthesized text in your server.

      When playing a windows media video WMV file (such as some from LearnVisualStudio.NET) on Vista with Microsoft Media Player 11, to work around error message "An audio codec -- Sipro Lab Telecom (130) -- is not found", download the codec from VoiceAge. Running it invokes RegSvr32 to install its MFT_anet.dll. So some prefer alternate advice to install Media Player Classic (MPC) from SourceForge, which involves downloading a zip and companion .7z file.


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    Set this at top of window. Showing videos on Cell Phones

      Here are the resolutions on popular cell phones:

      The aspect ratio of Both Google's Android and Apple's iPhone have 480x320 in landscape. This is a proprietary 1:5.1 aspect ratio that's 15% narrower than the 1.78:1 (16x9) aspect ratio on HDTV sets (and on AppleTV).

      This may be due to a "brilliant" ploy for some future point when a unit HDTV unit is offered (at a premium).

      This is why meticulous video producers create and offer a separte download for internet phones than for other media to avoid the black letter-box effect on either side of the screen.


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