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Someone told me “you have to put this on your website so everyone can get a laugh." So here it is. I don't think women appreciate all that men have to do to stay macho.


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    Set this at top of window. No Dead Flowers

      I didn't finish telling you about the silk flower/tree shop.

      Silk trees and flowers look so real now! They're great because I couldn't kill them even if I tried. I've given up on real flowers because I usually kill them even before I get them through the door!

      The tree is to make my computer area less nerdly. And I had to have something other than dead flowers in that crystal vase my aunt gave me. She'll be visiting next week.

      But I didn't want to make my place look like the “fern lady" lived there. Here is bad karma at work because I used to make fun of one of my college friends who went out with this girl who had plants all over her place. “So do you make Tarzan yells when you make love with her?" I once asked him.

      Anyway, at the store, I got a funny look from the plant lady when, after noticing just too much pink stuff, I asked pointedly “do you have, eh, a MANLY tree?"

      “No problem," she said as she pointed to a large plant. “This plant has BIG leaves. You like?" “Very manly," I knodded in agreement.

      As she walks me through the jungle of tall silk trees, she said “most women go for the ficus. You don't want ficus. You want TALL tree, no?"

      “OK," I wimpered as I followed her through her forest.

      “This has some dark leaves. Manly?"

      Damn, she's good. It was perfect. Ideal camoflouge for my computer stand.

      “This has very unusual leaves," I commented. “What's the name of this tree?" I wondered.

      “That's not important. I tell after you say you like or not." she insisted as she pulls it to the cash register.

      “White roses will go well with it," she advised me as she lays them down on the counter. “I'll remove the labels from the stems so you won't forget."

      This lady is one shrewd businesswoman. I'm thinking that the batch I bought from someone else months before still had tags on them.

      As her assistant loads the tree into my car, I remembered to ask again what the tree is called. She waits until I sit down in my car, then, reluctantly, as she closes my car door, she murmures “some call it maiden hair, but you can call it whatever you want".

      Great. “How manly is THAT" I thought to myself as she intones “enjoy your beautiful trees and flowers. They'll look very nice at your place." She then assures me with a smile as she waves me goodbye.

      Then as I strategically position my trees at home, I'm curious what my maid will do with them because she never fails to redecorate something everytime she's over. She ususally manages to improve on whatever I do. I used to let her redecorate my desk until I couldn't find my passport before a trip one day.

      I don't know why I'm telling you this.


    Here's the latest rage. A round stainless steel plate glued on your body.

    But, Hey buddy, do you know that the Chinese character you're wearing means “scarlet"?

    Maybe you'd prefer this, which means “strength"

    But definitely not this, which means “female"

    Imagine what your friends will do or say if they find out you're wearing this, which means “friendship"

    Is this macho? Let me knowanother page on this site

    The Chinese word for "manly":

    The Chinese word for "tiger":

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