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Reload this page LoadRunner Installation and Un-installation

Here is my analysis of what remains after LoadRunner is un-installed.


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    Set screen LR 11 Installation

      As with other installers, the LoadRunner installer comes in an *.iso file type, which Windows does not recognize. So install WinRaR to "unzip" the file into a more permanent location than "C:\temp\LR11" because installers have files needed after installation. Before clicking setup.exe, then "LoadRunner Full Setup".

      1. Turn off screen saver to avoid having the machine go to sleep during installation.

      Pre-requisites take several minutes to install, but they only pop up once. These are separated from LoadRunner itself due to licensing restrictions imposed by Microsoft.

      • Microsoft WSE 2.0 SP3 Runtime
      • Microsoft WSE 3.0 Runtime
      • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Run-time Components
      • Strawberry Perl 5.10.1 Click Next at the Welcome screen, I Agree, Name, etc.

      C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\
      is the default folder on a 64-bit machine.

      Click Finish at the end, then please reboot for

    Set screen The Annoyance

      I began writing this page because this message pops up when I ran the LoadRunner 9.10 setup after I had uninstalled LoadRunner 9.0.

        "Setup has determined that a previous installation has not completed.
        You should restart the system in order to complete this process."

      I rebooted and restarted the machine several times, but still got this message when I ran LoadRunner setup.

      Others who have encountered this same problem solved this by re-imaging the LoadRunner machine and cussing at HP's copyright protection gone wild.

      But being the stubborn sort, I investigated further before pulling out my Windows install CDs.

      As it turns out, Alejandro at HP's help desk helped me identify the problem as having to do with geeky paranoia and incomplete instructions rather than HP's greed and distrust.

      The people who wrote that message from LoadRunthe setup are actually trying to tell us something like "your fly is open" -- reboot did not complete all tasks specified for it in the Windows Registry.

      Out of self-defense, LoadRunner setup was (understandably) written such that it doesn't allow itself to be installed on a machine if its Windows Registry has other installation tasks that may conflict with LoadRunner. The logic is that it's better to avoid doing the install with something that can be "easily fixed" (by completing the install) than to plow on with an install that may be interrupted by possible malware.

      Perhaps the LoadRunner developer who wrote the pop-up message didn't have enough room in the message to say this clue:

        Rebooting Windows is not resolving "PendingFileRenameOperation" or "RunOnce" requests in the Windows Registry.

      Or perhaps a dutiful programmer proposed putting this in the message to "users", but someone would redact it after saying "oh, nobody would understand this" because the assumption is that monkeys are running LoadRunner (even though it takes deep and wide experience in multiple technologies to be an effective Performance Engineer).

      Some documents say "disable" spyware before attempting setup. But doing so does not necessarily remove keys in the Registry that creates the problem.

    Set screen The Solution

      Invoke regedit to see if a "PendingFileRenameOperation" is waiting unsatisfied under the key:

        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

        One example I deleted is:

        \??\C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\Download...

      A "Run Once" registry key entry can exist in several places:



      Windows may get stuck with these entries if someone runs a setup program that requires a reboot (as LoadRunner does), but deletes that program before rebooting. And when Windows can't carry out the deed, it leaves that request in the registry on the oft chance that the file sought will someday turn up, like a forelorn animal howling in the night.

      The key "PendingFileRenameOperation" doesn't seem to have anything to do with LoadRunner. Deleting it from the registry enabled LoadRunner setup to continue on its merry way.

      My suggestion to LoadRunner programmers is to look for the key LoadRunner places in the Windows Registry during setup rather than throwing up if there are ANY unresolved items there.

      There are plenty of legitimate reasons for LoadRunner doing this. For example, Windows Update, some spyware (and anti-spyware) add such entries to make some programs load after reboot. If an installer is asking for a reboot after install, chances are that it has placed a RunOnce or pending request in the Registry.

      BTW, it's still a good idea to start from a fresh install of Windows to setup LoadRunner if your are also running programs to "harden" the LoadRunner machine.

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    Set screen Files LoadRunner Installs

      Within the C:\WINDOWS folder:


      In the folder where LoadRunner is installed:

        Program Files\HP\LoadRunner for V9.10
        Program Files\Mercury\LoadRunner for V8.x

      Within Program Files\Common Files

        \Mercury Interactive
          Within folder TDAPIClient:
            OTAClient75.dll (in versions prior to 9.x).
          Within folder TD2000:

      Within Program Files beginning with LR9.50

        \Bradbury\TopStyle3\ (for CSS)
        \LogiXML IES Dev\ (for Logi Report)

      Version 6 of LoadRunner created folder C:\Borland or C:\BDE.

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    Set screen Windows Registry Entries

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    Set screen Registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\

    • .lra (lrafile)
    • .lrr (lrrfile)
    • .lrs (lrsfile)
    • .usr (usrfile)
    • .usz (uszfile)
    • AppID
    • AlarmUI.AlarmForm {63500231-6E2E-11D5-8FA2-0050DADE7977}
    • ChartXControl.MercChartX
    • Applications\ MercuryTestLauncher.exe shell open command
    • CLSID\...
      • {B76D5F44-03E4-11D3-9283-C64D8B000075}
      • {D3C57C51-C5FF-11D4-9D53-00010219EE58} WebTDClient75.dll
      • {f4e856f9-fcd7-11d4-9d8a-0001029deaf5}
      • {f4e856ac-fcd7-11d4-9d8a-0001029deaf5} OTAClient75.dll,
      • {F8E77BA7-2E76-11d5-8F3A-0050DAC65DC0}
      • {4F5C33EA-62AD-11D2-AF47-00600855298D} tdclient.dll,
      • {03B7A5D4-96B0-4316-95F8-072D326A58F1} Mercury.MLFPHandler.1
      • {04B55BC3-33DE-4d79-94EC-830CDF96CC82}
      • {05D7ED7C-3702-45CB-9346-5382E74E29CD} Mercury.OleTDManagement
      • {094B6D13-927B-4a6f-AA5F-D6CFB9C4E6CC} Mercury.SSVBrowserSite.1
      • {09E68994-9378-4B0F-8CC5-CE90D7209618} Mercury.LogViewer
      • {11E78AA6-0A77-4F38-8D8B-3EDFE1D72FF1}
      • {13DEC812-375A-11D6-8F4E-00010219EB22} RegObject Class
      • {1481E305-A705-40fb-B423-AB469C5C7452} Mercury.WebRecorder.WebRecorder.1
      • {16ABFED5-DAEF-11D2-A827-006008CB5184}
      • {16ABFED6-DAEF-11D2-A827-006008CB5184}
      • {192535C2-AB16-486f-BBD1-398A4F394F14} WebTestScript Class
      • {1F3DD0A1-12D8-11d5-8EC9-0050DA4F35E9} Mercury.CoDbIfs.1
      • {2321AD39-CD18-486b-9552-AFB51ADD0F7A} Mercury.SSViewerGen.1
      • {272FE7F7-AF80-11D2-A812-006008CB5184}
      • {27A440A6-0562-477c-B418-816DE836CA89} Mercury.SSHWeb.1
      • {29661E3B-F2F1-471a-8932-934DDC8C9DE5} Mercury.SSViewerWindow.1
      • {2F887771-BA3A-11D4-9321-00105A398F5A} Mercury.ImgVerifyCtrl.1
      • {30A9F512-A8BC-11D4-8EB6-00010219EB14} Mercury.AuthenticationInfo.1
      • {367B8AAB-DFDD-49e8-B6A6-154B5055ADA7} Mercury.MICFingerButton.1
      • {3B914604-E649-11d4-8ED6-00010219EB22} Mercury.FileSystemObjMng.1
      • {3F2FF09B-8EA7-498B-ACAD-E95205E59381} LoadRunnerVbs.StreamingHelper
      • {3F97DCD2-A2DD-418B-BD7A-51830A67CB41} MicFinger Class
      • {404AB5E9-8899-11D4-93FB-0050DA17B502}
      • {41CD3A00-0FC2-4289-B252-DF7A86B6EAAB} OrchidInstallationUtil.WebInstall
      • {4467E665-9E9B-4581-9404-B66B1334D391} LoadRunnerVbs.RecordSetHelper
      • {4512D805-ABEE-4765-BE94-9BFA3F6B4249} MercWebBrowserCtl Class
      • {479B30A8-93C1-11d4-8EBA-0001022C3670} Mercury.CTulipAppInfo.1
      • {5663EA4D-B08A-4c2c-891C-A52F86232425} Mercury.WebRecorder.WebRecProfile.1
      • {5672CF15-AD6E-11d4-9031-0050DA4F35E9} Mercury.DbQueryMgr.1
      • {5672CF17-AD6E-11d4-9031-0050DA4F35E9} Mercury.DataRetriever.1
      • {58FB9490-8FB8-415B-AA26-546D26D18327} Mercury.XMLStorageWrapper.1
      • {5B11E47A-FD3E-4bf3-BB3B-041C37630930} SnapshotViewer
      • {5CD35D01-A8B8-11d4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.ExpTestZipUI.1
      • {5CD35D07-A8B8-11D4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.RunLogicViewCtrl.1
      • {5CD35D0A-A8B8-11d4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.com_config.1
      • {5CD35D0C-A8B8-11d4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.RtbConnection.1
      • {5CD35D0F-A8B8-11d4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.CoParamManager.1
      • {5CD35D11-A8B8-11d4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} Mercury.MercListEntry.1
      • {5E6A015E-1101-45c8-BAAC-EFC1AC497E68} Mercury.TDIntegrationManager.1
      • {5F5D7220-0AEC-11d4-93DF-68E9B8000000} IMercJavaEventMonitor iehook.dll
      • {6756830B-979E-446E-819C-95CF85FFF4F8} Mercury.OTDDlg
      • {806D266A-463D-45C8-95F1-16BDE6674800} LoadRunnerVbs.RecordStore
      • {827945F0-D396-42dc-A434-B2CF086F4279} Mercury.TestSettingsSpecifier.1
      • {863D0363-25C3-439A-A562-D890DD50D255} WebStudioDocuments.MercObjectTable.1
      • {86C4A853-6AC6-450E-BA78-D87701596FA5} Mercury.WebBrwsr.WebBrowserIfs.1
      • {916D7BA4-C07A-11D4-8EC7-0050DAC7E3B6} Mercury.ScripttreeCtrl.1
      • {91E8C671-011D-42dd-962D-FFAEA3A7CAB9} Mercury.SSEventsObj.1
      • {97BE81F7-5A00-41c8-B601-07DE2DE618A1} Mercury.ReportLogger.2
      • {A20EDA6C-F778-4760-8007-EEFF353A134C} Mercury.XMLStorage.1
      • {A2F79137-CFEB-11D2-A821-006008CB5184} MercParamEdit.ocx
      • {A44A3EDE-9271-11D6-8F56-00010219EB22} Mercury.SaveFromURL.1
      • {A58438D0-DDC4-4CBB-AEF5-CAE332472C71} LoadRunnerVbs.ObjectFactory
      • {A5C16D98-B31B-4809-9389-3FF3B049A037} LoadRunnerVbs.Array1D
      • {AA6A4518-1011-11D6-8FC7-000102E1504D} Mercury.SortCheckListCtrl.1
      • {AF3818AD-DBFA-11D4-9329-00105A398F5A} Mercury.ResultPropmptDlg.1
      • {B05FEFEA-A1E5-4ab2-8A7E-C8C108753B40} Mercury.Logger.2
      • {B881172E-3FD3-4D90-B8C9-685DACD1F9E1} OrchidInstallationUtil.exe
      • {C4DD22C6-93B1-11D4-929E-0050DA17B5AF} ChartXControl.MercChartX
      • {CB4AF487-8CC7-44a3-8E91-66B8FFF0B60A} Mercury.SecurityManager.1
      • {CD2425E4-8141-11D0-8CE4-444553540000} vugen.exe
      • {D9EB5893-4D94-4749-9FC0-7D12A0CF4E1A} LoadRunnerVbs.Array2D
      • {DC6E0A51-DCE8-11D5-8FC6-000102E1515B} Mercury.TextVerCtrl
      • {E06D5D95-CF07-11D2-A821-006008CB5184} MERCPARAMCOMBOBOX.MercParamComboBoxCtrl.1
      • {E4CB50F0-E242-11D4-8ED6-00010219EB22} Mercury.RealFilesHandler.1
      • {E4CB5131-E242-11D4-8ED6-00010219EB22} Mercury.VirtualPrivateProfileFunc.1
      • {E933439A-81A1-11d4-8EEE-0050DA6171E8} wlrun.LrEngine
      • {EBE09E4A-FE7E-4B1C-8C26-B17D5FD6C025} OrchidInstallationUtil.DBChecker
      • {EBE09E4A-FE7E-4B1C-8C26-B17D5FD6C025} OrchidInstallationUtil.DBChecker
      • {EC422B12-D4CD-11D3-B400-006008CB5184} Mercury.MercHexView.1
      • {ED47ED9C-1A39-4F8B-A93C-79DE00440D35} Mercury.WSChangeStorage.1
      • {EEB656CE-6315-43b6-9129-CCA1C63DB308} Mercury.QTPParserCls.1
      • {F3335396-0B86-4B77-B86A-939200D8B3D6} Mercury.OGenFileDlg
      • {F3AD38E5-F315-4e6e-B6E3-DCE27F9340C3} Mercury.SSVHtmlEvents.1
      • {F76C4218-C04D-4196-9DA2-F3306CA9E4BA} Mercury.MercXMLParser
      • {FB725F23-62B6-46b2-8955-AD91AB49D77E} Mercury.WSScriptHandler.XMLStorage.1
      • {FC0EF39A-766D-42E9-B301-5E8424C08F60} Mercury.MercXMLParser.XMLParseTreeNode.1
      • {FDBC1531-94CF-4d1e-9195-2E4DF5E24014} Mercury.MercPoint.2
    • IMercJavaEventMonitor\CLSID
    • LoadRunnerVbs.Array1D
    • LoadRunnerVbs.Array2D
    • LoadRunnerVbs.ObjectFactory
    • LoadRunnerVbs.RecordSetHelper
    • LoadRunnerVbs.RecordStore
    • LoadRunnerVbs.StreamingHelper

    • TypeLib\
      • {0560DCE8-8B2C-4B50-9550-647D6179041D} treport.exe
      • {1B859586-E74C-4F4B-A79B-929B702EAFC6} LoadRunner : Socket-Plus API Type Library
      • {272FE7F4-AF80-11D2-A812-006008CB5184}
      • {2C32E7B0-1DE3-11D3-805C-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3split.dll
      • {2F887770-BA3A-11D4-9321-00105A398F5A} tulip\bin
      • {33F9D2D2-F694-11D2-805B-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3ctr.dll
      • {3897E5F6-86C1-4DD0-BFDC-99252A314C34}
      • {48A94F51-5E05-11D3-88A3-00105AAFE31C} LoadRunner COM Vuser2 template
      • {4D01D2A0-1558-11D3-805C-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3dumm.dll
      • {4E122CB1-8218-11D2-A803-006008CB5184}
      • {4EDCFB13-DC20-4619-BC6F-B77416F89F31} OnlineAnalysisEx.tlb
      • {5CD35D08-A8B8-11D4-8EE1-0050DAC7E22B} RunLogicView ActiveX Control module
      • {6AF3DC46-201A-448E-8934-890761B39BF7} LoadRunnerVbaInterpreter
      • {7E75B111-DD20-11D2-8E78-0060089A646A} operatertb.tlb
      • {87B58835-DD9A-11D5-8FCD-000102E1515B} tulip\bin
      • {8842EB10-CA3F-11D1-AE93-0080C864B3EA} LoadRunner COM vuser template
      • {916D7BA1-C07A-11D4-8EC7-0050DAC7E3B6}
      • {9C6BDDD0-4ADA-11D3-806C-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3img.dll
      • {9DF5252F-9F7F-43E8-AC31-7E8B9FAA07B8}
      • {A755C870-A253-11D1-8010-00C04FADA264} sapw3tcn.dll
      • {ADCA5BA0-45E7-11D3-8068-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3dock.dll
      • {B4290BC0-DD49-11D2-8E78-0060089A646A} rtbevents.tlb
      • {B8987970-250C-11D3-8060-00C04FADCAFF} sapw3grid.dll
      • {BAB15BC5-13E3-11D6-8FC8-000102E1504D}
      • {BBA07232-9521-11D4-8EF8-0050DA6171E8} LoadRunner Automation Library
      • {BCBB51B6-84C1-4E91-918F-31EE658A084A} OrchidInstallationUtil.exe
      • {DC863701-894E-11D1-800C-00C04FADA264} sapw3sh.dll
      • {E669FB52-A25C-47A8-A074-5DE594D6F1AA}
      • {E9E295C3-C2C0-11D1-AE8F-0080C864B3EA} paramx.dll
    • usrfile DefaultIcon

    • and
        • lra_auto_file
        • LRCtrl.LRControl
        • LRCtrl.LRControl.1
        • lrr_auto_file
        • lrsfile
        • Lrun Document
        • LrunFileType
        • MERCPARAMBUTTON.MercParamButtonCtrl.1
        • MERCPARAMCOMBOBOX.MercParamComboBoxCtrl.1
        • MERCPARAMEDIT.MercParamEditCtrl.1
        • Mercury....
        • TDApiOle.TDConnection
      • WebUpdate\LoadRunner

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    Set screen Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\

    • Microsoft\Windows\Help Teeuser5.hlp
    • Classes\Interface\...
      • {16ABFED3-DAEF-11D2-A827-006008CB5184} _DMercParamButton
      • {16ABFED4-DAEF-11D2-A827-006008CB5184} _DMercParamButtonEvents
      • {272FE7F5-AF80-11D2-A812-006008CB5184}_DMercParamEdit
      • {272FE7F6-AF80-11D2-A812-006008CB5184} _DMercParamEditEvents
      • {3AB7791E-7D1C-4323-A7AD-55B8CE3F7AB4} IMercObjectTable
      • {42CB9550-1E3C-4BC2-A8F1-222A76046AA3} IMercXMLParser
      • {65E3B224-908D-11D3-A87E-006008CB5184} IMercWebBrowserCtl
      • {65E3B226-908D-11D3-A87E-006008CB5184} _IMercWebBrowserCtlEvents
      • {A2F79135-CFEB-11D2-A821-006008CB5184} _DMercParamComboBox
      • {A2F79136-CFEB-11D2-A821-006008CB5184} _DMercParamComboBoxEvents
      • {B9545330-D8AA-11D3-B402-006008CB5184} _IMercHexViewEvents
      • {BFE0999F-E553-11D3-B40A-006008CB5184} IMercListEntry
      • {C4DD22C2-93B1-11D4-929E-0050DA17B5AF} IMercChartX
      • {C4DD22C4-93B1-11D4-929E-0050DA17B5AF} IMercChartXEvents
      • {EC422B11-D4CD-11D3-B400-006008CB5184} IMercHexView
    • Mercury Interactive

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    Set screen Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\Internet\Server Cache\
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Mercury Interactive \ LoadRunner several keys
    • HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1214440339-1682526488-1060284298-1003\
      • Software\Borland\Locales
      • Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.usr MercuryTestLauncher.exe

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