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Here are my notes on preparations to be a first time Malihini (visitor), such as the strategies for choosing among the dizzying number of options. Mahalo (thank you) for visiting.


on this page Hawaii, the Aloha State
Moku (Island) Sq. Miles Coastline
on this page Kaua'i 553 112
on this page Oahu 594 112
on this page Maui 729 120
on this page The Big Island 4038 266+


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Sound: Ocean wave

Locals eat at A website external to this site King's Hawaiian and Zippy's

Set screen Hawaii, The Aloha State

  • Expedia, Yahoo Rough Guides, Fodor's, Star Bulletin, Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays 800-2-HAWAII
  • Hawaii Visitors Bureau 2270 Kalakaua Ave., Suite 801, Honolulu 96815, tel. 808/923-1811 Weekdays 8:00-4:30
  • 800-257-3480
  • Activity Warehouse 7am-10pm 7 days 800-923-4004.

    Kauai: NE: Kapaa-Lihue-Koloa, N: Princeville  
    Oahu: Ihilani (West of airport)
    	Honolulu Airport, 
    	Honolulu City Center
    	W: Waianae Regional Park above Pokai Bay
    	W: Waimanalo Bay
    Maui: Wailea, Ka'anapali-Lahaina, Kahului Airport
    	S neck: Kihei  
    Molokai N: Kaunakakai  Hawaii  
    Lanai City
    Big Island Hawaii: W: Kona, E: Hilo
    	NW: Waikoloa  
    Aiea  Hawaii  
    Kahuku  Hawaii  
    Kailua  Hawaii  
    Kailua Kona  Hawaii  
    Kula  Hawaii
    Volcano  Hawaii    


    Hawai'i's major airport is Honolulu International Airport (HNL) 808/836-6411,

    But major airlines fly into Maui.

    Reminder Wear dark colored shirt to limit reflections in helicopter windows.

    AAA 800/222-4357. Hawai'i has a strictly enforced seat-belt law.


Reminder Hawaii State Sales Tax is 4.166%
Hotel Occupancy Tax is 11.416%
AAA Hawaii Reservation 808.791-2100

Online GuideBooks

  1. GoHawaii,com Visitors and Convention Bureau
  3. This
  4. The Hawaiian Underground
  5. Aloha World
  6. Best of Hawaii
  7. Hawaiian Nostalgia
  8. Hawaiian Storyteller
  9. Auntie Leilani’s Big Luau
  10. Alternative-Hawaii Ecotourism

    book Get from Amazon Lonely Plant -- consistently excellent among guides

    book Hawaii, islands of the fire goddess Beverly Hills, CA : PBS Home Video, c1990. Shows the evolution of a Hawaiian island from underwater volcano to snow-capped mountain, to coral atoll. Takes a close look at many of Hawaii's 6000 plant and animal species which exist nowhere else on earth and stresses the importance of preserving them.

    book Fodor's Hawaii 2005 (Fodor's Gold Guides) (New York, 2004) by Amanda Theunissen


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Set screen Hawaiian Music

    powered by ODEO

    Hawaii's Top 40 Hits: 1950s to 1980s include:
    Ku'uipo - Elvis Presley
    Lahaina - Loggins & Messina 1973
    Cecilio & Kapono,
      Pidgin to da max! what the mumblings means in
      Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho (who at 75 still has a show at the Waikiki Beachcomer Hotel)

      Hu'a li'i (tiny bubbles) F
      i ka waina (in the wine) C
      au hau'oli (me happy) C7
      i ka waina inu (in the wine drink)
      Tiny bubbles (F7)
      make me warm all (B-flat) over (B minor)
      With a (F) feeling that I'm gonna (C)
      love you til the end of (F) time.

    "Island Woman" - Pablo Cruise 1976
    "Honolulu City Lights" - The Carpenters 1981
    "My Hawaii" - The Rascals' 1968 Once Upon a Dream
    "Hawaii Five-0" (theme from the TV show) midi - The Ventures 1969
    Peter Moon
    Arthur Lyman
    Gabby Pahinui
    Yvonne Elliman,
    Glenn Medeiros,


Streaming Radio:

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Set screen Language, History, and Culture

    In the 18th century Hawaii Chief Kalimamamo commissioned the Kumulipo Hawaiian genealogy chant about Hawaiian kapuna (ancestors) such as Kamehameha the first, King Kalaukaua and Queen Liliuokalani, to the entire creation of the world.

    A website external to this site Hawaiian Mythology at the Start Bulletin

    In ancient Hawaii, roughly one third of the year was set aside as the makahiki. During this four-month season, which began in the month of Ikuwa (roughly late October to early November), warfare was forbidden. It was a time of playing games, celebrating the harvest, paying tribute to the chiefs, and honoring the god Lono. It was a time for storytelling, competitions, feasting, and dancing.

    When (in 1995) the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort at Hualalai at Ka'upulehu on the North Kona-Kohala Coast wanted to capture the spirit of Old Hawai'i, life precontact (by Captain James Cook on Waimea, Kauai in 1778), they called on Herbert Kawainui Kane, who illustrated book Voyage: The discovery of Hawaii (Island Heritage 1976) and
    book Get from Amazon Hawaiian Tales of Heroes and Champions (Holiday House, 1971) with Vivian Laubach Thompson. The tall tales in this book include the shape-shifters Shark Man of Ewa, who could change from man to shark, from shark to rat, from rat to a bunch of bananas. Also there are the kupua with extraordinary powers like Kana -- stretching himself "as tall as a palm tree, as slender as a bamboo, as thin as a morning glory vine, as find as a spider web." The book also talks of the Ka-ui-lani men with rare and special weapons such as a talking spear which could pick the winner of a cock fight before the birds were even in the ring.

    book Get from Amazon Ancient Hawaii (Kawainui Press August 8, 1998) came from that commission. The book describes how ancient Polynesian explorers (called the Menehunes) found the Hawaiian Islands, the most remote in Earth's largest sea; how they navigated, how they viewed themselves and their universe, and the arts, crafts, and values by which they survived and prospered without metals or the fuels and inventions believed necessary for life today.

    Hawaii's last king, King David Kalakaua, ruled the kingdom from 1874 until his death in 1891. Nicknamed Hawaii's "Merrie Monarch", Kalakaua was a major patron of the arts, especially music and dance.

    Aloha Auinala (Good Afternoon)

    Aloha Ahiahi (Good Evening)

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Set screen Cruising

    Day / Time Activity Cost
    Before Watch surfing movies and Elvis movies. Listen to Hawaiian music. Get maps from AAA. Buy & read more tour books. Look at movies. 20 pp
    Fri 2p Shuttle to airport 20 pp
    Fri 4p ATA Flight TZ 4587 430 pp
    Fri 10:10p Arrive Honolulu Airport ( lei greeting, not just on May 1 Lei Day) 30 pp - 52
    Fri 10:30p Call courtesy phone #55 for $10 Ilima Shuttle 800.713-0146 to hotel (or get Alamo 921561421) 10 pp
    Fri 11:00p Prince Wikiki Hotel (Hotwire) 170
    Sat 7am Breakfast by beach or at top of Diamond Head (commuter traffic ?)
    Sat 8am Call Enterprise 808.979-2600, Checkout, ride to Ent. Conv. Cntr. office (Wikiki Trolly 808-593-7676 don't allow luggage & The Market no longer have their own bus). $27.99/day
    Sat On way to airport ... See the Bishop Museum [$2 coupon] King Kamehameha Statue, Iolani Palace.
    Sat 10am Pickup Jason/Kristen at airport or meet at Aloha Tower Marketplace 808 528 5700 piers 5-11 (3 miles West of Waikiki) at 1 Aloha Tower Drive 96814 25 pp
    Sat 11am From airport, visit Arizona memorial free
    Sat (On Red line) stop by Pier 31 to shop at Hilo Hattie (named after entertainer Clarissa Haili during the 50's/60's) — Hawaii's largest Hawaiian retailer and manufacturer of Hawaiian wear, including muumuu loose-fitting dresses for grandma. ?
    Sat (Optionally) Bring luggage to lunch at Aloha Tower Marketplace dim sum at Hong Kong Harbor View restaurant 808.566-9989 (Thanks to Andrew who said it's OK) before earliest check-in at 1pm on boat. 20 pp
    Sat 2p Take The Bus 808.848-5555 SE to snorkel at Hanauma Bay 808.396-4229 at 7455 Kalaniana`ole Highway. It's a Hawaii State Park so overused that private vans are not allowed and visitors are required to view an ecology video. But it's still spectacular. FREE
    Sat 6p Return car to conv. ctr. (or on Yellow line) ride to Aloha Tower Marketplace to
    board NCL 800-327-7030 Pride of America leave docks at 8pm
    958 pp
    Sun 7a Boat docks in Hilo, Big Islandon this page
    Sun 11a Enterprise Hilo 808.934-0359 or taxi to airport for Paradise Hughes 500 helicopter ride 145 pp
    Sun 9a Drive to the LYMAN MISSION HOUSE AND MUSEUM to see the preserved New England-style homestead of Congregationalist missionaries built in 1839. Includes extensive pre-contact displays of Hawaiian artifacts. ?
    Sun 9a Drive to LILIUOKALANI GARDENS & COCONUT ISLAND Formal Japanese-style gardens connected by footbridge to little Coconut Island (Mokuola). In ancient Hawaii, Mokuola was famous for its curative spring waters and other healing powers. It was also a place of refuge for law breakers who could make offerings and leave as free men. ?
    Sun 2p Drive to the Last Chance Store in Kukuihaele for a horseback ride through the Waipi'o Valley (ancient Hawaii's "Valley of the Kings") for sightseeing and backcountry waterfalls though lush tropical jungle on windy trails. to see Rainbow Falls , a 1200-foot waterfall on the Wailuku River - as the cascades hit the water below, their mists create rainbows. Downstream from the gorgeous Peepee Falls are what appear to be holes in the river bed resembling naturally bubbling Jacuzzis. Water appears to be boiling as it rolls over many rocks en route to the ocean. 65 pp
    Sun 9a Drive though (some of the) 218,000 acre Volcanoes National Park & Rainbow Falls, Mauna Kea (world's tallest mountain, when measured from the ocean floor). Drive down the 20-mile Chain of Craters Road through some of the most desolate land on earth, into the Kilauea East Rift Zone and "frozen fire" lava flow erupting from the Pu'u 'O'o Crater since January 1983. The 11-mile Crater Rim Drive circles the Kilauea caldera, Visit the Volcano Art Center, of volcano-inspired works by more than 250 artists. The Thomas A. Jaggar Museum offers cultural and geological displays, photographs, videos and topographical maps.
    Sun 7p Evening sail by Mount Kilauea volcano red lava flow and steam plumbs entering ocean (get viewing updates by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 808.985-6000 x1,1)
    Mon 7a Boat docks in Maui's Kahului harbor. Pickup car from Kahalui Enterprise 808.871-6982 (not Lahaina in airport). 100
    Mon 10a Drive to heliport for helicoptor to Haleakala Crater (the world's largest dormant volcano at 10,023 feet) & hike down waterfalls, Hana rainforest Black Sand Beach landing 175 pp
    Mon 2p Drive to East shore Seven Sacred Pools & botanical gardens -
    Mon 2p On Maui, drive mauka (toward the mountains) on Highway 37 (Haleakala Highway) SE to Highway 377. At the 365 junction, turn left on Highway 378 (Crater Road) drive 2.5 miles and for a red and white building on the left (at 4000 ft el.) for ziplines 808-878-8400 after hike up the Haleakala Crater. $67 -15%
    4p Drive makai (toward the ocean) to Maui Ocean Center & on the West for Kanikapila sunset. --
    Mon 5-8p The best is the Old Lahaina Luau on Front St West Maui. Conf #588218

    Luau/Show 866-667-5828 800-745-6997 808-661-5828 at the Maui Marriott Kaanapali Hotel at 100 Nohea Kai Drive, Lahaina, HI 96761 off Kaanapali Hwy exit West off Hwy 30 at the far West of Maui Ohana (family)

    85 pp
    -25% 56 pp
    5:30 Maui 2nd day - Drive to ___ for boat to caves, snorkel with dolphins at Molokini and Turtle Arches. 110 pp
    2p Along the shore Maui Arts & Cultural Ctr (808) 242-2787 1 Cameron Way Kahului, HI 96732 and Laihna Art Gallery at 728 & 828 Front St. --
    Tue 6p Dinner on boat. --
    Wed 9am Boat in Kona, West on the Big Islandon this page Enterprise 808.331-2509 #840871 75 pp
    Wed 9-4 Hul'l Palace Kakaluu 30 min So. Place of Refuge kyakes --
    Wed Body Glove Dolphin Sail & Snorkel NCL KOA-019 75 pp
    Thu Boat 1st day in Nawiliwili, Kauai (pictured in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark) Alamo convertible # 921576548 (No Enterprise in Kauai) for surfing lessons

    Drive N on 58 through Lihue to 50 to 583 for Wilua Falls, shown in the Fanasty Island TV series.

    Get back driving N on 56 along East Windward shore from Kalapaki Beach to 580 Wilua River/Fern Grotto, "Sleeping Giant",

    After crossing the Wailua Bridge, L on 580 at Marker #6 to Kuamo'o Road for 1-1/2 miles to the 'Opaeka'a Falls Lookout.
    Continue up 580 to Koholaele Falls on the L.

    Kapaa Beach, Kilauea,

    Past Marker #25 crossing the Kalihiwai River, look for the waterfall.

    R past marker #11 to Koloa Road (Hwy 530). R at Po'ipu Rd. R past fork on Lawa'i Road 1mi. R on across Spouting Horn Park for picnic lunch at National Tropic Botananical Gardens (808.742-2623) NCL NWK-503 or at Princeville, Hanalei Museum, Haena

    Limahuli Garden Tours 808-826-1053 Park near Ke'e Beach across Wet Cave for hike on Hanakapiai Beach to Hanalau Beach trail.

    Thu Po'ipu Surfing lessons and West to Wimea Cyn
    for sunset at Allerton Garden Tours 808-742-2623
    Dinner on boat
    Fri 615a 2nd day Kauai — Catamaran snorkel on remote NW beaches. Drive W on 56/50 toward Lihue. L at EleEle McD's on 541. L on Aka'ula St. b4 smokestacks for Kauai Sea Tours 800.733-7997 #5257 Alfred (not NCL NWK-430) Returns at Noon. 115 pp [10%G]
    Fri -2p Drop off car & walk around shops near boat until 2pm departure for Na Pali coast viewing.
    Sat 730a Disembark boat. Get picked up for airport car rental by Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, National (not Alamo or Enterprise) Drop off bags 4 blocks inland at the hotel. --
    Sat 8a PCC van pickup at dock Polynesian Culture Center van pickup at dock for Ali dropoff from/to ____ hotel near Aloha Marketplace hotel. # 2106715 by Malaya 190 [10% G]
    Sun 7a Pickup from ___ hotel for USS Arizona/Circle Island tour 866.268.7459 89 pp
    Sun 6p Dropoff from Arizona/Island tour at airport 10 pp
    Sun 8:35p ATA flight TZ 4586 leaves for PHX --
    Total 2600 pp

    Pau means done, finished.

  Itinerary of Pride of America
Pride of America
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Set screen Swim with the Dolphins

    Dolphin Quest in Oahu and the Big Island (808)-886-2875 or central reservation office at 1-800-248-3316.

      $175 for a 20 minute Encounter
      $195 (plus tax) for a 30 minute Deluxe Encounter
      $500 per couple or $975 for a family of 5 (operated by the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel 808-739-8919)

    Victor Lozano's $89 wild dolphin expeditions on the west coast of Oahu pickups 5:45 a.m. or 8:15 a.m. and leaves from Waianae Boat Harbor at 7:30 a.m. or 10.30 a.m (early mornings when dolphins tend to be more playful).

    Swim with dolphins at Sea Life Park $153.46 with transportation + pictures.

  • Feed Reef Shark, pickup starfish, and touch stingrays at the J.W. Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa ("Oahu's most luxurious resort") 808.679-0079 or 800/626-4446 It's 10 miles West of Honolulu past the Kapolei Golf at the end of Hwy 1 is

    Hawaiian Art


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  Waikiki by Kerne Erickson
Get from Amazon: Soul Surfer : A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board Part of the fun of open ocean sport is the danger, such as from sharks. But what happens when you really get bit? Well, here's the story of Bethany Hamilton (in a 2004 book co-authored by Rick Bundschuh, Sheryl Berk) who -- as a 13 years old -- had her arm bitten off while surfing. But she healed and returned to competitive surfing, using her circumstances to demonstrate the peace that comes from a faith in Christ and the courage that comes from a loving family.  

Surfing Movies

DVD 1966 Endless Summer
DVD 1978 Big Wednesday with Jan-Michael Vincent
DVD 2004 Endless Summer II
DVD In God's Hands
DVD 1987 North Shore
DVD Blue Crush

Set screen Learning to da bugga (Surf) in Hawaii

    Ocean water stays in the 70 degrees Ferenheit year-round.

    I used to be a land shark — someone who says he surfs, but doesn't. Hans Hedemann Surf 808.924-7778 The premiere surf school in Hawaii. Lifeguard-certified instructors ultra-safe Equipment, multilingual staff availableat 6 hotels: New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, Park Shore Waikiki, Outrigger Reef on The Beach, Sheraton Waikiki, Kahala Mandarin Oriental, Turtle Bay Resort (North Shore) at 9, 12, 3:

      Private lessons:
      $115 (plus tax) p.p. for 1 hr, $150 for 2 hours
      Semi Private Lessons (2 people):
      $95 (plus tax) p.p. for 1 hr, $125 for 2 hrs
      Group Lessons:
      $50 (plus tax) p.p. for 1 hr, $75 for 2 hrs
      Guaranteed to ride a wave!

    Hawaiian Fire Surf School 888.955-7873 Transportation at a secluded beach (pickup/return at 7am/11:30 or 9:30/2pm) included in price of 2 hour lessons with studly firefighters:

      1:1 Private lessons: $169 (plus tax) p.p.
      3:1 lessons: $119 (plus tax) p.p.

    Surf Hawaii Surf School (808) 295-1241 on the North Shore of Oahu.

      1:1 Private lessons: $120 (plus tax) p.p. for 3 hours
      2:1 Semi Private Lessons: $85 (plus tax) p.p. for 3 hours
      Group Lessons: $75 (plus tax) p.p. for 3 hours

    On Maui

    Nancy Emerson School of Surfing 808.244.7873 At 505 Front Street, Suite 224B. "We focus on the complete surfing experience. Lessons are available for beginning through advanced surfers with a special emphasis on safety and ocean awareness. Group and private surf lessons as well as specialized surf clinics."

      1:1 - $165 (plus tax) p.p. for 2 hours
      2:1 - $130 (plus tax) p.p. for 2 hours
      Group: $75 (plus tax) p.p. for 2 hours

    Goofy Foot Surf School At Breakwall Beach in Lahaina since 1994; professionally and patiently teaching surfing, safety and ocean awareness to over 40,000. Learn in 2 hours or free! Groups, private or camps available.

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Click for Honolulu, Hawaii Forecast

Set screen Nature and Wildlife

    Idea Do ocean sports early in the morning, when the water is calmer than the afternoon.

    Humpback Whales migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii late December through April to calve, mate and rear their young. The shallow waters surrounding Maui are known as the "cradle of the humpback".

    "Dr. Beach, Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, the beach expert professor at Florida International University in Miami, has annual ranking of America's Best Beaches based on 50 criteria:

      Kapalua Bay Beach
      Lanikai Beach
      Kailua Beach Park, E Oahu
      Wailea Beach, Maui
      Hanalei Beach, N Kauai
      Hamoa Beach
      Poipu Beach Park, S Kauai
      Hanauma Bay, E Oahu


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Set screen Oahu Island, "The Gathering Place"

    Hawaii Water Sports Center In the Koko Marina next to Hanauma Bay, the Center offers a full line of exciting water sports. Parasail, jetski, waterski, wakeboard, and scuba diving. W aikiki transfers and Hanauma Bay excursions can be included. Three-ride special - $79.

    As the Hawaii state capitol, Honolulu is the 11th largest U.S. metropolitan city, home to about three-fourths of the entire state's population.

    Waikiki (a 450 acre manmade beach)

    Highest Point Kaala Peak (4,003 feet) Germaine's $58 show and all-you-can-eat luau buffet provides free transaportation to its Barbers Point location on the West side. The Paradise Cove $110 luau/show is one hour from Waikiki at Ko Olina, so pickupis 3:45pm.

    Polynesian Cultural Center 800-367-7060 In HI: 808.293-3333 all-day tour/luau/show $80-195 on the North Shore Kahuku area in Laie 96762 A small hotel, Laie Inn is next to the PCC ($89/night)

    Wed. & Fri 10-Noon, see a Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Urasenke Tea House 245 Saratoga Road 808.923-3059

  • Oahu This Week island
  • South Shore Honolulu: Diamond Head Waikiki Beach webcam of Duke's beach surfers bicycle or Pedicab ride
    • Jacuzzi & BOSE equipped sound-proof room at Waikiki Joy Hotel 320 Lewers St. (3 blocks from Intl. Market Place between Kual & Kalakaha) 808/923-2300 or 800/922-7866
    • 8:30 a.m to 11:15 p.m take the $18/day Waikiki Trolly 596-2199 to Ala Moana Shopping Center & Beach Park down Kalakaua Ave to avoid traffic

      Early morning: 7 am Pearl Harbor tour of USS Arizona

    • submarine tour of the coral and Lyon Aboretum
    • 10-11:15am Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, Kapiolani Park. KODAK HULA SHOW (808) 627-3379
    • GERMAINE'S Luau & Polynesian Show 800-367-5655
    • 5.30pm Ali'i Kai Catamaran dinner cruise leaves Pier 5 524-6694
    • Garlic mashed potatoes & "Da Bag" with steamed clams, kalua pig, spinach, and shiitake mushrooms at Alan Wong's 1857 S. King St. views the Koolau Mountains 808/949-2526
    • Lunch: Portuguese desserts at Leonard's Bakery 933 Kapahulu Ave, Waikiki (737-5591).

    • Breakfast on fresh salmon omelet beside the sand at the Hau Tree Lanai in the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel 2863 Kalakaua Ave. 808/921-7066
    • Iolani Palace contains the thrones of King Kalakaua and his successor (and sister) Queen Liliuokalani. King St. at Richards St., tel. 808/522-0832. Reservations required. Admission: $4 adults, $1 children 5-12; children under 5 are not permitted. Open for guided tours only, Wed.-Sat. 9-2:15.
    • Wed. 10:30 AM. Historic Downtown Walking Tour 808/531-0481
    • Night: Hard Rock Café 1837 Kapiolani Blvd. 808/955-7383
    • Ono Hawaiian Foods 726 Kapahulu Ave. 808/737-2275 lomilomi salmon (salmon massaged until tender and served with minced onions and tomatoes), laulau (steamed bundle of ti leaves containing pork, butterfish, and taro tops)

  • Northwest: 25 miles north of Honolulu is Dole Plantation featuring the world's largest garden maze (808) 621-8408 and Dole Cannery (808) 531-2886 [15% Gold card]

  • Bishop Museum take Bus 2 ("School Street") from Waikiki. Lunalilo Fwy. (H-1) to exit for Likelike Hwy. Get off at the Kamehameha Shopping Center, walk makai 1 block to Bernice St., then go left. 1525 Bernice St. 808/848-4129
  • Biplane ride from Dillingham Airfield, Mokuleia, tel. 808/637-4461. $100 for 20 min

  • NorthEast: Windward side: Take Pali Highway 61 out of Honolulu thru Wilson tunnel & over the Koolau Mountains four miles to Nuuanu Pali Lookout of sheer misty green cliffs
  • Japanese Buddhist Byodo-In Temple against the mountains off Hwy-83 (daily 8.30am-4.30pm; $2).
  • North at Laie: Mon-Sat 12.30-9pm Mormon Polynesian bogus Cultural Center 293-3333 and Imax from 11 a.m, Ali'i Luau at 5:15 p.m, 325 Seaside, just off Kalakaua Avenue and adjacent to Duke's Lane, a popular open air bazaar.

  • relentlessly tacky Paradise Cove luau dinner 973-5828
  • In Kilauea, 230,000 acres from sea level to the summit of Earth's most massive volcano Mauna Loa The Observatory there has a Livecam
  • Horseback riding thru Haleakala National Park Maui

    Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park 30 minutes west of Waikiki at 400 Farrington Highway (exit 1 off H-1) Kapolei, HI 96707 (808) 674-9283 $35 for 25 acres of wild wet fun including: a mega-wave pool, tube cruising river, 4 & 7 story waterslide complexes. Separate pools and activites for adults and children complete with Jacuzzi style pools, and animal-themed keiki slides.

    On the Windward (East side) Kailua Bay

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Set screen Maui No Ka Oi (Maui is the best!)

    Maui The "Maui" name is of the demigod that drew the Hawaiian Islands up from the ocean. He captured the Sun and secured the promise of long days.

    Boats dock at Kahului harbor on the North side of central Maui. Here is the seat of Wailuku county consisting of the islands of Maui, Lana'i, Moloka'i, and Kaho'olawe (which is now uninhabitable thanks to US Naval target practice).

    Maui is nicknamed the "Valley Isle" because of the isthmus connecting the older West Maui extinct volcano, Mauna Kahala Wai with the larger dormant volcano.

    Helicopter photo tour

    In 1810, the Iao Valley is where King K I, using two cannons from Captain Cook, killed all the remaining Maui fighters at the last battle before consolidation of the Hawaiian Islands.

    On the North coast of Molokai is the former leper colony which Father Damien ministered. Although in 1969 leprosy (Hansen's disease) could be treated on an out-patient basis, The peninsula is still a separate Kalawao County of Hawaii within Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

    Kahului Airport (OGG) 808/872-3800 or 808/872-3830 is East of it.

    Reminder To avoid choppy seas in the afternoon, boats leave early (7am).

    Blue Water Rafting 808-879-7238 use rubber rafts for snorkeling at the Molokini Marine Preserve, whose outer reef is formed by the rim of an underwater volcano. The water is only two or three feet deep, teaming with butterfly fish, wrasses, black and pink tailed durgeons, all posing against a backdrop of multi-colored coral. The special part is snorkeling at the backside there is a sudden drop off into an "abyss" of 300 to 400 feet within the volcano. The shafts of light, awesome visibilty, towering cliffs and sheer drop offs are what make this site so unique. Gliding over the reef gives one the "feeling of flying" as you look off the edge of the world!

    In their 4 hour tour, see spinner dolphins around the protected waters of South shore La Perouse Bay,

    to go past Wailea and Makena (Gold Coast) for the Kanaio Coast where Mt. Haleakala erupted 200 years ago, spilling molten lava from a side vent which poured into the ocean, forming incredible lava arches, grottos, and sea caves.

    Departs from the Kihei Boat Ramp across from the "Maui Kamaole" condominium at 2777 South Kihei Rd, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753 South of "Kamaole Beach Park III".

    Maui Activities: Livecam of Molikini and Maalaea Harbor Info

    Blue Hawaiian Helicopters 1-800-745-BLUE (2583) at 105 Kahului Heliport, Kahului, HI 96732

    Learn to surf at Surf 71

    Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum at Puunene Ave & Hansen Rd in Puunene 808.871-8058
    On Thursday sunsets, the Sugar Train running along the South shore of the West island has a BBQ dinner.
    Tue-Sat is the Luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort Oceanside at 2780 Kekaa Drive, Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii

    Note: The temperature drops three degrees for every 1000-ft of elevation.
    Trade winds from the northeast keep summer temperatures tolerable.
    "Konas" blowing in from the south or west and bring humid, sticky, or sweltering weather and thunderstorms.

    The Old Lahaina Luau

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Set screen Big Island

    Ka Lae (the point) is the southernmost tip of the United States (below 19 degrees North Latitude). This is until underwater volcano island Loihi eventually rises above the water 22 miles SW.

    Near it (to the East via 4WD) is Green Beach.

    Idea Get the 101 Things To Do On The Big Island booklet for its 2 for 1 coupons.

    Bike rides down Haleakala is more dangerous than they say.

    Helicopter tours

    Hilo Windward (East)

  • Hilo's Farmer's Market open Wed & Sat. at Sunrise - 4pm 53

    Kona Leeward (West)

  • Kailua-Kona is where conquering King Kamehameha I spent his last years (1812 - 1819). Part of what was once a 4-acre homestead complete with several houses and religious sites has been swallowed by Kailua Pier, but a replica of the temple, Ahu'ena Heiau, keeps history alive. Free tours weekdays at 1:30 at 75-5660 Palani Rd. (808)329-2911 start from King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel.
  • Kona Village Luau Fridays at 6:30


  • Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park charges $10 per vehicle

    At Chain of Craters Rd., on left past mile marker 16, after a 25-minute walk across the lava is where etchings of people, boats, and animals made by early Hawaiians are spread over a vast area of black lava. The round depressions are thought to be piko (home) holes, where umbilical cords of newborns were buried.

  • $8.50 World Botanical Garden is closed Sundays, but open M-Sa 9:5:30
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Set screen Kauai island, "The Garden Isle"

    Kauai Surfing by Jon Parker at 1022-0600A

    Kauai is Hawaii's Northern most island.


    Na Pali on the North.

    In the Kapaa metro area, Lihue is the seat of Kauai County.

    Waimea Canyon State Park, where the movie Jurassic Park was filmed.

    Kokee Natural History Museum, the Waioli Mission, and the charming historical towns of Hanalei, Hanapepe and Lihue.

    "Kauai Sunset" Surf Art Print by Wade Koniakowsky On the SouthWest shore of Kauai you can look across the ____ Channel and see Niiahu, called the "Forbidden Island" because it's privately owned.

    At the Kahuli pier, rent a car from Enterprise (open 7am-6pm) nearby at 40 HANA HWY, 96732-2105 (808) 871-1511 Compact $42.99 (5% off for AAA)

Movies with Na Pali as a backdrop
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