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Here are examples of Job Descriptions for Software Quality (QA) Manager


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    Set this at top of window. Duties

      The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and communicating bugs (defects) in software.

      This individual also facilitates the removal of defects with software development teams:

      • Report bugs, create and provide metrics on bugs as they move through the bug cycle;
      • Communicate the status to all involved departments through email or phone contact;
      • Report environment changes that effect clients (internal or external) to the Director of Application Engineering and QA;
      • Update, oversee and train team on the knowledge base of code related problems and fixes;
      • Facilitate fixes through software development lifecycle;
      • Track where each bug is in the process;
      • Report turnaround times on all severities;
      • Track bug trends;
      • Track and monitor fixes and problems reported;
      • Create and manage Internal Release Notes (i.e. what bugs where pushed, what was fixed, how many new bugs were created);
      • Document test use scenarios and processes;
      • Train team on documentation of processes and scenarios;
      • Other duties as assigned.

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    Set this at top of window. Authority over team

      This individual is responsible for managing Quality Assurance team members.

      This individual has the authority for:

      • assigning bugs to team members and following-up with the owner to ensure that bug is being worked at a level consistent with severity;

      • managing and allocating resources based on severity;

      This position oversees all employees and functions of the Quality Assurance Department. The incumbent will ensure that goals are set and that the mission of the department is communicated clearly to all. It is the sole responsibility of this position to intervene when situations escalate. This position will also provide guidance and coaching to all subordinates. The QA manager has the ability to be influential on technology used and should stay knowledgeable of new software and suggest upgrades as needed.

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    Set this at top of window. Minimum Qualifications


      High school diploma or GED required. Bachelor's degree in Computer science preferred.


      Management and Lead experience preferred. Four (4) years testing experience required with one (1) - two (2) years lead experience required; one (1) year experience with automated software testing required; one (1) year experience with managing a team preferred; OR equivalent education and experience to successfully perform the essential duties of the job.

      Proficiency with the following:

      • Windows 2K
      • Internet web browsers
      • MS Office Suite
      • Software Development tools (preferably Visual Interdev)
      • Understanding of ASP, JavaScript, and XML
      • Automated Test tools (preferably RSW or Win Runner)
      • Strong knowledge of PC and understanding of the Internet
      • Knowledge of process of web development and software development lifecycle
      • Understanding of web server processes
      • Excellent documentation skills including test use scenarios

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