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Reload this page The Regis Masters in Computer Information Technology degree on-line

Here are notes on the various universities offering on-line masters degrees in information/computer sciences, especially the Regis program, which I am in.


Topics this page:

  • The Regis Program
  • Regis Faculty
  • Course Access
  • My Goal & Project
  • My Curriculum Plan
  • Your comments???

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    Set screen The Regis Program


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    John Bear, publisher of, comments that the Regis Master's program "is probably the single most cutting-edge and flexible online master's available in the field."

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    Set screen Regis People

      Among the MSCIT Contacts include:
      • Lindsay Sprague, MSCIT Secretary 303-458-4350 lsprague at
      • Don Ina, my Faculty Advisor 303-458-4027 (dina at
      • Doug Hart (dhart), E-Commerce lead faculty
      • Nancy Birkenheuer x4141 (nbirkenh), lead faculty, MSCIT, for distance learning
      • Jen Strahl, x4081 Admin. Manager does the hiring of faculty
      • Don Archer, MSCIS Faculty Chair 303-458-4335 (darcher at
      • Ellen K. Waterman, director of School for Professional Studies Distance Learning
      • Dr. James Dorris, Associate Academic Dean at Regis
      • Sam Conn, Primary Advisor for the DBA Practicum.
      • Mike Prasad (mike.prasad at (303)723.2112 teaches OO and the Wireless practicum
      • Trisha Litz (plitz) Professional Project Lead Graduate Faculty in the MSCIT program
      • Tutor on Network, Internet, UNIX: Steve DePasse (sdepass at


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    Set screen Course Access

      As a student, I've experienced a lot of technical problems and down-time with the system.

      On the other hand, it's improving. The technical team are effective at resolving problems. They respond quickly and pleasantly.

        Distance Learning Department 1-800-805-1385 x4169 or 303-458-4169

        Jamison Wise is the Online Project Manager 1-877-526-1097 or 303-964-5428

    • The online portion is not "courseware". Educational content is in books.

    • Even though Regis is registered as a educational partner of Oracle, it does not use Oracle's official curriculum. Something to do with their certification as a degree-granting instution. Personally, I would prefer to use the official curriculum, plus additional work for the degree.

    • Each instructor has been finding his/her own way to communicate student status (grades), such as Some don't even bother communicating progress.

    • The "forum" is a crude message system. The focus is responding to each week's assignment. So you have to remember what topic goes with each week. Posters cannot change postings, so double check if you selected the correct week before pushing that "save" button.

    • Quizzes are so dumb that most profs are ignoring ones developed. If you answer just one letter off, you are marked wrong.


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    Set this at top of window. My Project Selection Criteria

      My selection of a project was based on these personal objectives:

    1. Support my lifestyle goal to work remotely (over the internet) teaching (or getting paid to write about) internet business project management and software testinganother page on this site. I want the freedom to keep working while I move to a mountain cabin or travel around the world.

    2. Create a product that is useful rather than a document that collects dust in a dungeon. I hope my project can be turned into a popular product or service.

    3. Produce something that generates income or do some good helping the underpriviledged.

    4. Support a Job Functions that I am familar with (such as a tool to help in quality assurance of databases accessible over the Internet).

    5. Support Industries (target user group) that has enough volume.

    6. Use readily available but upcoming technologies (such as MS dotNet web services and/or a wireless application) rather than legacy technologies (such as COBOL on a mainframe).


    REA Staff. (1997). (Quick and Easy Guide to) Writing Your A+ Thesis: Everything You Need to Write Your Thesis. (1st ed.). Piscataway, NJ: Research & Education Association (REA). ISBN: 0-87891-787-X soft.

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    Set this at top of window. My Project Choices

      Given the considerations above, here are my choices:

    1. Use my PC to build a WAP app accessible on my Sprint Wireless Web phone that uses web services (such as Amazon's service that returns prices for a book's ISBN number or the USPS service that returns a validated street address).

    2. A website to support self-managing team collaboration projects, such as a group decision making tool that interacts with software Microsoft's Projectanother page on this site. I think that virtual teams will be recognized as one of the most important revolutions during the Network Age.

    3. A website to coordinate business pros who volunteer various skills (IT, marketing, etc.) collaborating on a project to help a non-profit organization over the internet, as defined by This could start by building on the matching done by and
      • Kathleen Daly's OfficePlease Foundation ( 707-935-8268, 2750 Trinity Road, Glen Ellen, CA 95442) * It's a npo that supports other npo's with technology resources, training and support. We provide an internet based unified business service that provides a single point of entry for staff or volunteers to access needed business tools and information. All that is needed is access to the internet and a browser.
      • SAB Services, Inc.
      • Pathways Community Network of Atlanta, GA develops Oracle, Silverstream & open-source Java applications for nonprofit social services organizations, local government agencies serving the working poor and homeless. Honored by PC WEEK magazine, Technology Managers Forum, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the global Ericsson Internet Community Awards. Tommy Phillips or Noah Swint ( is Project Manager - Virtual Development Team) 404-584-6591 (referred by Volunteer match)


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    Set screen My Curriculum

      Here's my plan for finishing the 12 classes to complete this 36 unit program. They say it takes 20 hours per week per class. Some instructors think that's the minimum and assign busywork accordingly. The actual schedule may change.

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