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Here are my notes and links about Microsoft's Project Central 2000 internet server application.


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Set screen Product Background

    Previous versions of Microsoft Project were "fat" applications which typically resided on a Project Manager's desktop computer, from which paper charts and reports would eminate.

    The Microsoft Project 2000 Project Central web server application is called a collaborative environment becuase putting project repositories in an A website external to this site on-line data store enables people in many more and different A website external to this site roles to view and contribute project information.

    People now only need a "thin" internet browser (rather than the "thick"--and expensive--Microsoft Project client software) to perform tasks such as tracking the status of projects .


webpage article Microsoft Marketing Introduces Project Central

webpage article Collaborative Tracking with Microsoft Project Central

webpage article The Microsoft Project 2000/Project Central Internation MultiLanguage Pack

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Set screen Installation

    Client Licensing

    Clients that connect to Microsoft Project Central Server must have a Microsoft Project Central client access license.

    10 Connection Limit with MSDE on Workstation

    If you don't even anticipate more than 10 people using Project Central at once, MSDE (MS Data Engine) is the easiest to install.

    Project Central can also be installed on a Workstation rather than Server.

    Install SQL or MSDE First

    The Project 2000 CD contains Transact-SQL scripts to create databases expected by the Project Central Installation program.

    Enter the SQL Query Analyzer to verify valid installation using the Script Crttable.sql on the Project 2000 CD folder named Pjcntrl\Isapi\1033\ creates by default a database named Project_CentralDB.

    If SQL 7.0, SQL 2000, or MSDE was already installed on the server, you will perform a Custom Installation. Otherwise, clicking "Install Now" will result in installation of MS-SQL or MSDE.

    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.5 is also installed with Microsoft Project Central Server if you do not have Windows 2000 (Server or Professional).

    Running the Installer

    When you click "Install Microsoft Project Central Server", the program invokes Setupsvr.exe.

    The default location is C:\ProjectCentral.

    The password requested is for the database owner. Write this down.

    The installation process creates a default user called "Administrator" with a blank password.

    Default records

    Default records can be inserted into tables by script files _____


MS word file Microsoft Project Central Scalability.doc

webpage article Installing and Customizing Project Central 2000 is an extensive tutorial.

webpage article Set Up and Manage Views and Portfolios

webpage article Resource Kit
webpage article Toolbox contains programs to integrate Microsoft Project Central with Microsoft Outlook.

webpage article Error messages from Microsoft's Project Central 2000

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Set screen Configuration


webpage article Zoom in and out of Database Schemas in Microsoft Project 2000 .MPP files and Project Central. Tip: I need 400% or higher magnification.

download Office 2000 Automation Help File created by Microsoft Technical Support. describes OLE automation theory and provides examples for automating the Office 2000 suite.

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Set screen Keyboard Shortcuts by Menu Item

    It's so frustrating. They get you in the habit for looking for keyboard shortcuts by looking at the pull-down menus, but they don't put them ALL on the menu. This finishes the job.

  • File   Edit   View   Insert   Format   Tools   Project   Window   Help   <
    Menu Item Shown on menu Not shown on menu
    Activate F10 or Alt
    File New Ctrl+N F11
    Open Ctrl+O .
  • Importing
  • Close Ctrl+F4
    Save Ctrl+S
    Save As F12 or Alt + F2
    Print Preview
    Exit Alt+F4
    Edit F2Activate the entry bar to edit text in a field
    Cut Task Ctrl+X
    Copy Task Ctrl+C
    Paste Ctrl+V
    Link TaskCtrl+F2 These are "Utility" toolbar icons.
    Unlink Task Ctrl+Shift+F2
    Split Task
    Find Find

    Find Next Find Again

    Ctrl+F Shift + F5

    Shift + F4

    Goto Ctrl+GF5
    Alt + F5Goto next overallocation
    View Go To Selected Task Ctrl + Shift + F5Go To Selected Task on Gantt Chart
    Alt + left/right arrow keysScroll Gantt Chart left/right
    Alt + SPACEBAR Activate the application control menu
    project control menuAlt + HYPHEN Activate the project control menu
    Ctrl + F5 Restore project window
    Ctrl + F7 Move project window
    Ctrl + F8 Size project window
    Minimize project window
    Ctrl + F10 Maximize project window
    Zoom Out Zoom In Zoom...
    Insert New Task Ins
    Recurring Task
    Column Alt + F3
    Insert Hyperlink Ctrl + K
    Tools Macro dialog box Alt + F8
    Macro ... Visual Basic Editor ALT + F11
    Options... Calculation Ctrl+F9 Turn on/off Auto Calculate
    F9 Calculate all open projects
    Shift + F9 Calculate the active project
    Alt + F9Update all DDE links
    Project Sort ... by ID order Shift+F3
    Ctrl + Shift + F3Apply the sort order again
    Filtered for: All Tasks F3
    Ctrl+F3Apply the same filter again
    Group by:
    Outline Shift + Alt + left/right Outdent/Indent
    Shift + Alt + * (asterisk) Show ALL subtasks
    Shift + Alt + + plus sign
    Shift + Alt + _ hyphen
    Show subtasks next level down
    Shift + Alt + - minus sign
    Shift + Alt + = equal sign
    Hide subtasks
    Task InformationShift + F2
    WBS Work Breakdown Structure definition
    Window New Window... Shift + F11 or
    Alt + Sift + F1
    Split Shift + F6 Activate split bar
    Ctrl + F6 Activate next project window
    Ctrl + Shift + F6 Activate previous project window
    F6 Activate other pane in combination view
    Help What's This?Shift + F1   Activate context-sensitive Help pointer

Other keys:

  • Turn on/off Extend Selection mode F8
  • Turn on/off Add To Selection mode Shift+F8
  • Reduce a selection to a single field Shift+BACKSPACE
  • Select a drawing object F6

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Set screen Keyboarding



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Set screen Importing/Exporting with Data Maps

  • There is no menu item/function for "Import", just Open the file and the software figures out the format.
  • There is no menu item/function for "Export", select "Save As" and the file type.
  • Tip: When you export a file, make sure you include in the file name the data map associated with that file. When you import that file, you will need to provide that information. These are the 11 default maps:
    1. "Who Does What" report
    2. Compare to Baseline
    3. Cost data by task
    4. Default task information
    5. Earned value information
    6. Export to HTML using standard template
    7. Resource "Export Table" map
    8. Task "Export Table" map
    9. Task and resource Pivot Table
    10. Task list with embedded assignment rows
    11. Top Level Task list
  • Project 2000 Database



download This Add-in for Microsoft Project 2000 lists differences between two versions of the same file, such as two possible projections.

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Set screen Customized Field Names

  • To rename fields, Doing so would make default field names disappear, which could be frustrating for those accustomed to them. In Tools, Customize, Fields
  • If you are a Project Central user, you have to define them in SQL database.
  • If you export files, you must use the Project Organizer to use the Global.mpt list (named Global80.mpt in Project 98).


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