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I don't have one because my family is allergic. Which may explain why I'm so deranged.

The Pet Owners' Prayeranother page on this site:
Lord, Help me to be the person my dogs think I am.


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  • Excite's Top Ten Pet Sites
  • Animal kingdom.
  • DogSaver ScreenSaver
  • Two Dog Press is an advocate of responsible pet ownership. They support charities, shelters, and rescue organizations that benefit dogs and educate pet owners. And they strive to publish information on their site and in their books that educates people about caring for their dogs. [THWSO]
  • Fish demo of Microsoft's DHTML annimated GIF.

    Pet Latin prefix
    birds ornitho- ...philia
    cats ailuro-
    dogs cyno-
    insects entomo-
    man anthropo-
    mice muso-
    microbes bicilli-
    reptiles batracho-
    snakes ophidio-
    spiders arachno-
    worms helmintho-

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