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Sound: “You're addicted”

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Here is where I keep a list of games and resources for writing them.

“We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” — Satchel Paige

Gatescript offers games written in Javascript.


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    Unicode Fonts

      Unicode Miscellaneous Symbols:
    • Black Heart - ੤
    • White Heart - ੥
    • White Diamond - ੦
    • Black Club - ੧
    • White Spade - ੨
    • Black Heart - ੩
    • Black Diamond - ੪
    • White Club - ੨

    • Dice 1 - ੸
    • Dice 2 - ੹
    • Dice 3 - ੺
    • Dice 4 - ੻
    • Dice 5 - ੼
    • Dice 6 - ੽

    • Black King - ਫ਼
    • Black Queen - ੟
    • Black Rook - ੠
    • Black Bishop - ੡
    • Black Knight - ੢
    • Black Pawn - ੣

    • White King - ĉA;
    • White Queen - ĉB;
    • White Rook - ĉC;
    • White Bishop - ĉD;
    • White Knight - ĉE;
    • White Pawn - ĉF;

    Nintendo 64

    IBM PC

    CollabNet will provide a platform based on open-source Linux and a series of tools to help developers collaborate on video game production.

    In spring 2001 Indrema will sell a console that enables users to play games downloaded from their site.


    Nintendo Game Boy

    • Pokemon
      A scene in the cartoon Pokeman that led to spontaneous seizures in children across Japan. The scene featured a character with rapidly flashing eyes and an explosive background, resulting in fits that were part photo-sensitive reaction, part mass hysteria. "The lights seemed to encompass me and the next thing I knew my mum was telling me to wake up," said one nine-year- old girl. Pokeman, a cartoon series based on a Nintendo role-playing game, is the second most popular tech toy in Japan after the virtual pet Tamagotchi. Authorities in Japan freaked out when the scene was replayed on the evening news, resulting in a further 34 fits among children.

    Super Nintendo

    That's old, man.

    • Starfox
    • Donkey Kong Country
    • Super Mario World
    • Super Mario RPG
    • Zelda
    • Robo Cop 3
    • Top Gear
    • NBA Jam
    • Ken Griffy's Major League Baseball
    • Not Street Figher II because my dad won't let me play it.

      The 2002 Dallas Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) championships -- which started in 1996 by Angel Munoz -- had $100,000 in prize money to five-person teams playing Half-Life: Counterstrike.

      webpage article CNN Article


    Cupids at Play by Richard Franklin from


    Set screen DAD'S CORNER

    • "always gets his homework done on time."
    • "Has contientious study habits.
    • "Helps others with their school work."
    • "Is not addicted to morning cartoons."
    • "Washes his own clothes (with the Downey ball)."
    • "Cooks own meals (and they are delicious!)."
    • "Knows how to fight drugs."
    Magnetic Letter Board. Really stupid.
  • Newbury Book Award winners. Why would any kid care? Why do people care whether a book won a Pulitzer Prize?
  • Noah Web A place for kids to find a penpal, state n opinion, buy or sell anything, see what other kids did, or go to other cool web pages to learn how you can be heard on the net! And best of all an11 year old kid made it!!!
  • Software for Apple II computers
  • Educational Software Cooperative

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    Set screen Make Your Own Video Game!

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    Set screen Activities A to Z

      Aerobatics Aerobics Aikido Amateur archaeology Amateur or ham radio Antiquing Aquariums Archery Arm Wrestling Astrology Astronomy ATVing Auto race
      Backgammon Badminton Baking Ballet Ballooning Ballroom dancing Baseball Basketball Basketmaking Batik Baton twirling Beading Beachcombing Beanie babies Bee-keeping Bell ringing Biathlon Bicycling Bike racing Billiards Blimping Boating Bobsledding Bocci Bonsai Bowling Box making Boxing Bridge Bridwatching Bunko
      Calligraphy Camping Canasta Canoeing Capoeira Car racing Casino Ceramics Checkers Chess Choi-Kwang-Do Civil war reenactment Climbing Clubs Collecting Coloring Comic books Computer games Cooking Country western dancing Crafts Cribbage Cricket Crocheting Croquet Cross-country skiing Cross-stitch Crossword puzzles Curling
      Danball Darts Deep sea fishing Dining in Dining out Diving Dog field training Dogsledding Doll collecting Doll making Dressage Driving Dune buggying
      Egg art Embroidery
      Fencing Field hockey Fishing Flamenco dancing Flower arranging Fly fishing Football Foot massage Fox hunting Furniture refinishing
      Gambling Garage saling Gardening Geneology Glass blowing Golf Gossip Gourmet cooking Gun collecting Gymnastics
      Hacky sack Handball Handcrafted jewelry Handspinning Handwriting analysis Hang gliding Hike Hockey Home repair Homebrewing Horseback riding Hunting Ice skating Jaialai Jazz dancing Jogging Judo Juggling Jujitsu Karate Kayaking Kendo Kickboxing Kit car building Kiting Knitting Kung Fu
      Lacrosse Leather work Lottery playing Lowrider building Luging
      Magic Magazines Making love Massage Metal working Miniature golf Miniatures Model aircraft Model boats Model cars Model trains Modern dancing Monopoly Motocross Motorcycle racing Mountain biking Movies Mud Wrestling Museums
      Naps Needlepoint Numerology
      Off road cycling Opera Orienteering Origami
      Painting Paragliding Parcheesi Philately Photography Pictionary Pinocle Playing a musical instrument Poetry Poker Polo Pool Pottery Potting Prospecting Puppetry Puzzles
      Quilting Racing pigeons Racquetball Radio controlled boats Radio controlled cars Radio controlled planes Rafting Reading Restoring autos Rock climbing Rockets Rocks, gems, minerals Rodeo Roller coasters Rollerblading Rook Rounders Rowing Rubber stamping Rug hooking Rugby Running RVing
      Salsa dancing Sambaing Scottish dancing Scrabble Scrimshaw Scuba Sculpting Sewing Sex Shell craft Shopping Skateboarding Skeet Shooting Skydiving Sledding Slot cars Snooker Snorkelling Snow skiing Snowboarding Snowmobiling Soapmaking Soaring Soccer Softball Speedskating Spelunking Square dancing Squash Stickers Sumo wrestling Sunbathing Surfing Swimming Swing dancing Symphony
      Table tennis Taekwando Tai chi Talking on the phone Talk shows Tango Tanning Tap dancing Target shooting Tatting Telemarking Tennis Theater Theme park Tie dying Tobogganning Tole painting Trap Shooting Travelling Treasure hunting Triathlon
      Ventriloquism Videos Volleyball Volunteering
      Walking Water parks Water polo Water skiing Watercolors Weaving Weight training Weightlifting Whale watching Windsurfing Woodworking Writing Writing letters
      Yatzee Zoo

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