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Here are links to site watchers and the criteria they use to judge web sites.


Topics this page:

  • Registrations
  • Ratings & Awards
  • Rating Criterias
  • Search Submittal Services
  • Banners


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    Set screen Registrations

      Among members of the Internet Content Rating Association:

      This site has been self-rated as having no nudity, sex, foul (brief) language, or violence. The Recreational Software Advisory Council is an independent, non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C, that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of an open, objective, content advisory system.
      Registered with Safesurf, a voluntary rating system.
      All contents of this site is registered with TRUSTe, an independent, non-profit initiative whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent. Because this site wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, it has agreed to disclose its information practices and have its privacy practices reviewed and audited for compliance by TRUSTe.
      Cyber Patrol,
      Net Nanny, CYBERsitter blocks sites containing certain keywords,
      Cyber Snoop ChildSafe ICCS Certified commercial, Home Business, and Personal websites

      A website external to this site lists sites incorrectly blocked by these services.
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    Set screen Web Page Ratings: Critics and Promoters

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    Set screen Rating Criterias

    • Forrester Research PowerRankings
      • Advice & Market Information
      • Cost
      • Customer Service
      • Delivery
      • Features
      • Transacting
      • Usability
      • Value

    • Usability:
      • Aesthetics
      • Freshness
      • Innovation
      • Navigation

    • -- the "Consumer Reports" on the web -- uses this 100 point criteria
      1. Ease of Use ("consistent and intuitive layout with tightly integrated content and functionality, useful demos and extensive online help.")
      2. Customer Confidence ("Availability, depth, and breadth of customer service options, including phone, e-mail, and branch locations. Ability to accurately and readily resolve a battery of telephone calls and e-mails sent to customer service, covering simple technical and industry-specific questions. Privacy policies, service guarantees, fees, and explanations of fees.")
      3. On-Site Resources "The top firms in this category not only bring a wide range of product and services and information onto the Web, but provide depth to these products and services through a full range of electronic account forms, transactions, tools and information look-up. Roughly 30 to 50 criteria points including:
        • Availability of specific products.
        • Ability to transact in each product online.
        • Ability to seek service requests online.
      4. Relationship Services "Firms build electronic relationships through personalization, by enabling customers to make service requests and customize a site. inquiries online and through programs and perks that build customer loyalty and a sense of community. Criteria include Online help, tutorials, glossary and FAQs. Advice. Reuse of customer data to facilitate future transactions. Support of business and personal needs such as tax reporting or repeated-buying. Frequent buyer incentives.
      5. Overall Cost (fees, minimum balances, interest rates)

    Examples of personal websites (some listed on Yahoo and

  • Bill Gates. What the world's richest man has to say about himself. Larry Ellison, CEO of doesn't have one.
  • Byron Hinson's list of favorite movies and design sites are dark with a too-small font.
  • Lance Arthur of programmed interactive programs such as Who Toys to pick URL names and Card Wack! programs to send a birthday card and announce a life change.

  • Links2Go people
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    Set screen Search Engine Submittal Services

      Here is a list of some free Submit Services:
    • This site is a WebPromote Associate under the categories of Business: Human Resources, Community: Self-Improvement, Internet: Intranets and Web Design. Subscribe to their weekly e-letter:
    • Promotion World [thwso]
    • Hello, World! Web Promotion Service - FREE web promotion -- Submit your web site to indices, catalogs, announcement services, free for all links pages, and more at no cost.
    • URL Search and Submit - Over 70 FREE search and submit sites
    • Submit-It!
      This is one of the oldest submission services. Adds your page more than 20 search engines using one simple form you have to fill out.
    • Broadcaster
      If you want to be added also to smaller search engines, announcement and promotion lists, this service might be the right one for you. It submits your page to more than 200 search engines, announcement and promotion services.
    • Add-It!
      Add your page to more than 20 search engines. You can choose between "USA" and "World" (non-US) Search Engines
    • Add Me!
      Submits your page to 34 search engines. You have to fill out a single form, that's all.
    • The PostMaster
      Submit your information to 361 search engines, directories, what's new, whats cool, and media outlets, plus more than 10000 interested individuals.
    • bbinternet (out of date) list of submission pages
    • On the other hand ... A Way to Exclude Your Site from Robots
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    Set screen Affiliate Schemes

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