SAP Web Application Server

Installing the MS Loopback Adapter on Windows 2003 SP1

The procedure can be performed similarily on Windows XP & 2000.
For details, please refer to the documentation of your operating system.

  1. Installation of MS Loopback Adapter

Choose Start -> Control Panel -> Add Hardware

Install MS Loopback Adapter as shown in the following sreens:

  1. Assign a permanent IP address to MS Loopback Adapter

Choose Start -> Connect To -> Show all connections

Right-click on the Microsoft Loopback Adapter to select Properties

Select "Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)" and click Properties.
Change the IP address properties as shown below. (Press spacebar to advance to the next field or Backspace to reverse.)

Click OK, then Close.

Editing the hosts file

In the file C:\Winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts enter:

<permanent IP address> <host name>